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1961 Brochure, Deck Plan and Two Special Menus 


This is a very special page as it provides an insight to these two fine Passenger-Cargo liners, which commenced services in 1961. Part One will feature the 1961 black and white brochure that provides us with eight interior photographs of the Cathay and the Chitral. Part Two will feature two wonderful menus that were kindly provided to the author in December 2015 by Mr. Colin P. Boyce of the United Kingdom. These Dinner Menus from the Chitral and are dated October 25 & 30, 1964.

Finally comes Part Three which will show the ships Deck Plan from Sports Deck, A Deck (or Promenade Deck), B, C, D and E Decks. The Plans shown are the reduced sided versions, however you can click on any on part of the plan and a new page will open with a full size version!

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The SS Chitral seen in her new role sailing from the UK to Asia

Part One:

1961 Brochure with Photographs.

We commence with one of the 1961 P&O Cathay and Chitral Brochures released: The images provided inside are two of the Chitral, four of the Cathay and two that are of venues that are identical in both ships, such as the Cinema and a deluxe twin bedded cabin. However together with the brochure description of the exotic voyage to the Far East, these images I feel do provide us a reasonable idea, be it in Black & White of the fine appointments of these wonderful ships of the 1960s!

Cover and an inside page of the 1961 brochure


Left: top SS Chitral Smoking Room and the Libray & Writing Room - Right: top Cathay Smoking Room and the Verandah Café


Left: Cathay Main Lounge - Right: Cathay The Restaurant



Cathay & Chitral: the Cinema on E Deck and a deluxe twin bedded Cabin

Part Two:


These two wonderful Menus were designed especially for P&O-Orient Lines by the wonderful Dorrit Dekk, graphic designer, printmaker and painter has done great work in her time! The much-loved Dorrit Dekk was born May 18, 1917 as Dorothy Karoline Epstein and she sadly passed away on December 29, 2014. She was also known as the “Travel Queen’ because so much of her work had been for P&O-Orient Lines and also Air France.

SS Chitral Dinner Menu Sunday October 24, 1964:

Scans of these two excellent menus were provided to the author by Mr. Colin P. Boyce of the United Kingdom and I am most grateful to him!

A delightfully typical Dorrit Dekk Cover 


Dorrit always loved to tell her stories related to the various ship board games



SS Chitral Dinner Menu Friday October 30, 1964:

Another of the Dorrit Dekk Covers


This time she covers Deck Quoits



Part 3:

1969 SS Cathay Deck Plans.

This was after the Cathay had a minor refit, which had no effect on her deck plans, just some soft furnishings being replaced, etc., for her new service.

Front cover of the SS Cathay Deck Plans



Please Note: If you wish to see an enlarged version of these two plans, just click on the plan above and below and a page

will open with a full sized version. It usually decreases when loaded, just click on the new image to release it to its full size



Back Cover of the SS Cathay Deck plans, companies tended to give an approximate tonnage

Her tonnage was 13,531 GRT & her length was 559ft, not 557.7ft as that was for the shorter SS Chitral


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