MV Prinses Margriet 1964-1970 - Deck Plan

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Photographs & Images are from the deck Plan, whilst other images on this page are from the author’s private collection!


Holland America Line

MV Prinses Margriet

Deck Plan

If you have arrived at this page via a search engine, you might wish to visit the MV Prinses Margriet Main Page first and discover this delightful ship and her history with her original owner the Oranje Line, then Holland America Line, and she was then sold, tragically, to Nauru, being a tiny Island nation in the Pacific, which this luxury ship went into ruins! Her Main Page contains countless full colour and black and white photographs!

This page covers MV Prinses Margriet’s Deck Plans as well as the black and white photographs of some of her public venues. This plan was released by Holland America Line, as the ship had first been chartered by them in 1964 from her owner, the Oranje Line and soon thereafter they purchased her outright in order to operate her together with the MV Westerdam on the Rotterdam, New York service.


Reuben Goossens.

Maritime Historian - now retired.

The Cover of the eight page brochure containing her full deck plans as well as many black & white photographs

All photographs and images on this page are from the author’s private collection


The Introduction page


Sun & Boat decks


Promenade Deck with all her superb public venues


Far forward was the spacious and elegant lounge, this image is on the aft wall, starboard side next to the entrance doors


A couple enjoying fine dinning in the ships elegant Dining Room along the portside


On the starboard side is the popular Verandah, another lounge area and deck chairs along the aft section


From the Veranda, there is the entrance to the Writing Room and Library


And there is another door into the most popular venue, The Bar, located aft of the superstructure, which had seating for 30


Upper & Main Decks showing all cabins

On Main Deck aft there was the passenger Baggage Room that would be open at advertised times

Upper Deck had the Pursers Office, a Gift Shop and the Hairdressers. Starboard aft was the Physicians office. A 2 bed Hospital was located far aft


An advertisement released in the Netherlands


A Diner Menu from 1963


This is one of the postcards sold on board the ship during the Holland America days!


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