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With Reuben Goossens

Maritime Historian, Cruise‘n’Ship Reviewer, Author & Lecturer


Swedish America Line

MS Stockholm IV

Later names: - Volkerfreundshaft, Volker

Italia I, Italia Prima, Vultur Prima, Caribe


Currently the Classic International Cruises'

MV Athena

Photo Page with Three Deck Plans


All Images, except MV Athena, are from the author’s private collection, unless marked otherwise


The truly “Yacht Like” Stockholm is seen here as originally built in 1948

This page is divided into three sections and will cover the ship in her three main incarnations, the Stockholm, Volkerfreundshaft and finally after her rebuilding as a luxury cruise ship M/V Italia Prima and as from 2005 the “Classic International Cruises” the M/V Athena, which has become the flagship of their fleet of classic ships.

1 – MS Stockholm

First Class



Above & below – the First Class Lounge



First Class Sun Verandah


First Class Dining Room


First Class Cabin


Indoor Swimming Pool


Tourist Class


Tourist Class Smoking Room




Tourist Class Verandah


Tourist Class Writing and Reading Room

MS Stockholm - Deck Layout


2 - MS Volkerfreundshaft

MS Volkerfreundschaft seen shortly after being purchased


 Main Lounge and Bar


Verandah Café 


Music Lounge


MS Volkerfreundschaft - Deck Plan





MS Volkerfreundschaft seen after a had a refit. Note the additional lifeboats

3 – MV Italia Prima

MV Italia Prima seen at Darling Harbour Sydney in 1997 whilst on a round the world cruise

Photograph taken by & © Reuben Goossens

4 – MV Athena

MV Athena – Note the large “Duck Tail” aft

Below are a few photographs of her delightful lounges and facilities on CIC’s classic cruise ship the MV Athena.


The Main Lobby


A superbly appointed aft stairwell


The Cinema


Sirenes Lounge and Bar


Pool Deck


Outside twin bedded or three berth cabin


The delightful Classic International Cruises' MV Athena seen off Felixstowe on April 29, 2006

Photographed by & © 2006 Derek Sands



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