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--Updated August 31, 2014--

Welcome to To date I have now written on over 599 Classic Liners that includes countless delightful Passenger-Cargo liners from many nations, thus having covered so many of the great liners many lesser-known ships to date, and more recently I have been updating many of my previous features, for believe me some of them really needed a good clean up! But for many good reasons I will now have to slowing down far more than I never have in the past, OK, I hear you say; “But you have said all that before.” And yes I certainly have, and that is, for some reason ships are like a drug to me and it is so very hard to give up, even though my eyes are is getting worse and worse and my health is slowing me down every day! But now it is time to put a halt to writing new features, and occasionally update one of my older features, when I am able!

The author seen in May 2014-

My most recent feature covers the seven wonderful ships owned, operated and designed by Sitmar Cruises, the ex Sitmar Lines and I have been working on this project for a number of months and it is hard to believe, but this wonderful new feature has seven pages and there may yet be another to follow. See the item below in regard “Sitmar Cruises.”

Besides the major liners, there has also been quite a few on the more humble converted pre and war-time Victory class ships being the type C3 & C4 class ships, which were rebuilt into migrant ships and each of them made significant inroads into maritime history, as well as providing some wonderful memories for countless thousands of people since the late 1940s until their demise into the 1960s.

The ships I have covered hail from counties from around the globe, some being the great British liners as well as many of the superbly built and designed Dutch, Belgium, German and Scandinavian ships, many of which were famed for their superb design. Then there are the wonderful French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish French, Portuguese and Greek liners all of which have reached many parts of the globe. But, who will ever forget the excellent American liners as there are a host of excellent passengers-cargo ships to the greatest of great liners This include of course one of my all time favourites the SS America, being the forerunner great American the world’s fastest Trans Atlantic Liner the SS United States! But then there were some amazing ships from other lesser-known nations, including some excellent Australian and New Zealand liners that go back to the mid 1800s and early 1900s! I am delighted that I have been able to cover so any counties and ships!

As you enter the Main Index located at the top of the Left Bar and the ssMaritime Logo, you will discover I trust what you will believe to be a “ship lover’s delight” that will keep you reading and returning for many years to come!

Next, I must say a very special thank you to all my dear friends and ship lovers around the world, and believe me there have been countless millions of you, in fact ssMaritime has just reached over 502.4 million readers, who have read this site and its associated pages. And believe it, so many of you have emailed me from the very beginning, when I was still a clumsy computer hack, with some of the most awful pages and pictures at first, yet you were so kind and loved them, for obviously those pages must have had something. But I learned fast and my sites started to rekindle countless happy memories regarding one or another ship that either you or your parents may have sailed on, or a ship that you may have admired for a long time whilst she was in your port. And friends, that was the whole idea of commencing ssMaritime as a 100% non-commercial website to give joy to the multitudes around the world! And I can tell you that it has been a great joy and a pleasure to me, being able to present these many fine ships to you, be they the grand and well known ships that I have presented, or those that are hardly known to some, but all of them were worthy for each of them touched countless of individual lives in so many different ways and the proof of this were the many emails I received begging me if I could place this or that ship online. I am sure that you may not know of some the following ships that I have written on, such as the delightful; MS Sinkiang or the SS Razmak, SS Exochorda, MV Thysville, MS Tjinegara, MS Eros, SS President Adams, Salta and the greatly loved SS Newfoundland and the MS Changsha being just a few of the many lesser known ships that I have covered on!

Best wishes and thank you for your many years of support!


Reuben Goossens - Retired.

Commenced in the passenger shipping Industry in 1960.

Maritime Historian, Author and Lecturer.

Official Historian of the MV Doulos:

Previously the: MS Franca C, SS Roma, SS Medina built in 1914.

Founder (1995) of the original: campaign.


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New & Updated Features NOW Online!

New The beautiful T.E.V. Rangatira of 1931

New A Trio of Yugoslavian “J” Ships

Updated RMS Media & T/S FlaviaThe Great Rebuild

Updated The building of the SS Oriana

NEW The Sitmar Liners TSS Fairsea & Fairwind & more

Updated MS Oranje & MS Angelina Lauro


Union Steam Ship Company

Of New Zealand


T.E.V. Rangatira

This ship is remarkable because of her sheer beauty, for she is a beautifully balanced ship and has been compared to the great liner the SS Nieuw Amsterdam, which has been voted by maritime engineers and architects as “The most beautiful ship ever built!”

The Holland America Line SS Nieuw Amsterdam

The opinion by all the maritime expert’s is based because of her superbly designed hull and that well placed and perfectly balanced superstructure, so gracefully topped by two perfectly slanted funnels which was completed by her tall fore and aft main masts!

Although the TEV Rangatira was a much smaller ship built and completed in 1931 some seven years before much larger Dutch Trans-Atlantic liner SS Nieuw Amsterdam. However, they did have similarities for this smaller passenger ship was so beautifully designed and she served on the very busy “Inter-Island Express Steamer Service” for a good 35 years. This 6,152 GRT ship sailed between Lyttelton and Wellington and often during wild gfale force winds the Port of Wellington can, and is treacherous and ships have gone down in history, including the much newer and larger TEV Wahine in 1968. But the Rangatira was a strong ship and she endured all conditions! Read her amazing story, that not only tells her story, for I have also included the newer ships. The tragic TEV Wahine 1966 to 1988, and the very last ship ever built for the service, being the last TEV Rangatira in 1972, that later served in the for the British in Falklands in 1982/83.

Enter the: T.E.V. Rangatira feature



Jadrolinija Line

MS Jugoslavija, Jadran & Jedinstvo


--Updated August 20, 2014--


A delightful colour postcard released by her owners of the MS Jugoslavija

With her all white livery and just the a star on her funnel

In the mid sixties three remarkable small ships were built in Split Jugoslavija considering that they were the very first operating liners and cruise ships for this company with full accommodations and some deck passengers for short hops between ports along the coast. However their popularity ensured their longevity and the MS Jadran remains afloat to this day. Not much is heard about Yugoslavian ships, thus with this excellent Trio of “J” Ships I hope to make an inroad, for there were two other delightful ships, such as the larger MS Dalmacija and Istra in 1965, ships I added online a considerable time ago!

Here we see the modern and sleek liner MS Istra, the Dalmacija is identical

Thus check out this delightful Yugoslavian trio of small passenger ships!

Enter: MS Jadran and her Sisters


Also visit the: MS Dalmacija & Istra Feature



The world’s Most Comprehensive Rebuild in Shipping History!


This amazing feature has been completely rewritten and all photographs have been rescanned, as well as my own voyage from the Netherlands home in February 1965 has been completely changed. This page now has many more of my photographs taken during this wonderful voyage and I have given a description of the voyage in general. But these pages now have so much more, an improved section on her earlier days as the RMS Media and her sister the RMS Parthia, etc.

The Cunard Line RMS Media that operated on the Liverpool to Canada & New York service

Also there is a page with two Deck Plans, one original T/S Flavia plan that is dated to 1964 and the other from when she became a fulltime Costa C Cruise Ship! Then there is a page that contains a complete original 1964 Cogedar Line Flavia brochure, thus this feature now has so much more to offer and I know that so many migrated to New Zealand and Australia whilst other sailed tp England and Europe for vacations, thus there will be so many who will enjoy remembering those wonderful days at sea and in ports, but more so those wonderful day onboard the delightful T/S Flavia!

Enter the July 2014 updated - RMS Media & T/S Flavia Feature (covering the RMS Media)

Or if you wish enter the T/S Flavia Page direct



Four Unique Pages Covering …


“Oriana - the Birth of a Liner” ~ Update


SS Oriana seen sailing through the Suez Canal

A painting by & Robert Lloyd

Discover four amazing pages with images that you will have never seen before, because they have been sent to the author by Mrs. Pauline Wakefield from the UK. She was the wife of the late Mr. Charles F. Morris, who was one of the great Orient Line Naval Architect’s who designed the superb SS Oriana. Many may well remember Mr. Morris’ magnificent book, “Origins, Orient and Oriana.”

The four pages in this feature will cover the laying down of “plate 1061” and her keel, and we see close ups of her being built. This goes right through to her being launched and her being towed to her fit-out berth and her completion and then her sea trails, both on November 13 and 16, 1960. Then there are original Deck Plans, wonderful and very rare photos of her interiors that were taken just prior to her first sea trails, as well some of her interiors designer’s illustrations of her public venues and deck spaces. We will go have photographs of the crew quarters and their accommodations as well as their leisure and dining facilities! And of course there are photos of sections of the engine room and the all those vital controls boards as well as the amazing propeller shaft tunnel and so much more.

Here we see Oriana’s hull is slowly coming together with men working together well!

Be assured that if you love and admire this amazing and beautiful ship, or if you may have sailed on her at one time, be assured there will be something special waiting for you in these four amazing new pages! However, there are still another nine pages that cover her entire history as well, complete with Photo Pages and so much more. Although I will be updating these very soon! Enjoy!

Reuben Goossens.

Visit … The Building of SS Oriana



A NEW Feature

With Seven Exciting Pages 


Also covering the … TSS Fairstar (1974) - SS Fairsky (1984) - MV Sitmar FairMajesty (1988) and so much more!

A considerable time ago I wrote a multipage feature entitled “The Saxonia Class Liners” covering the four Cunard ships of this class and the story relating the last two of the four ships built the Carinthia and Sylvania, which were sold to Sitmar to become the famed and luxurious 5 Star cruise ships, TSS Fairsea and the Fairwind.

However, this Feature has something that is completely new and something that is as far as I am aware will reveal images that have never been seen online before! They are a series of artist impressions of her interiors and decks that I first saw way back, late in 1970! The fact is that I had a Sitmar Cruises promotional portfolio from 1970 that contained some wonderful artist impressions created by the famed Italian interior designer Umberto Nordio. He was chosen by Boris Vlasov to be wholly responsible for their interiors, thus what you will see on Page One is most remarkable. It was tragic that Umberto Nordio, who had designed a number of fine Italian liners, such as the Raffaello, Oceanic, just to name two, passed away just several months after the Fairwind departed on her maiden voyage.

At this stage, this feature has two pages; Page One is broken into three Parts. Part One deals in brief with the first pair of ships of the four built the RMS Saxonia and the Ivernia. Next I cover the second pair of the series built being the RMS Carmania and Sylvania until the purchase of these ships by Sitmar Line in 1968.

Part Two deals entirely with Umberto’s magnificent art items that cover the proposed interiors of the TSS Fairsea and the Fairwind and as you will see, it was going to be something very special indeed. Amazingly, these images have somehow been hidden for all these years and thus not come to light since very early in 1972 when I first saw them!

TSS Fairsea departing Vancouver for an Alaskan cruise

Photographer unknown – Please See Photo Notes down the page

And finally Part Three deals with their rebuilding of the Fairsea, followed by the Fairwind at Trieste, Italy. Then there was their media voyage through the Panama Canal to San Francisco and Los Angeles (respectively) followed by their maiden voyages in 1971 and 72. After further details, I cover the takeover by P&O in July 1988 when both ships joined Princess Cruises and were renamed the Fair Princess and Dawn Princess and continue their journey through the years through to the end, until they were broken up at Alang, India!

Whilst on Page Two you will be able to see the first ever release of the ships Deck Plan in a brochure dated 1972. None of their lounges are named as yet, but have generic names such as “Night Club,” Grand Saloon” and Verandah Lounge,” etc. This plan is followed by later plans where public venues are named as well as a plan after the ships received a refit late in 1984. The next plan is one of the TSS Fair Princess towards the end of her career as a cruise ship in 2000.

I am sure that for all those who have been able to sail on one of these two fine classic liners/cruise ships, be it with them as a wonderful Cunard Trans Atlantic Liner, the Sitmar Cruise Ship, a Princess or a P&O Australia cruise ship, the Fair Princess, or the Dawn Princess that was later sold back to the Sitmar’s V-Ships who renamed her Albatros and she was chartered out to the German Phoenix Reisen who operated her as well on some around the world voyages.

I am sure, regardless on which version of these ships you may have sailed on, you will have some wonderful memories; in spite that both ships having had a number of problems in their final days! I sailed of the Fair Princess on a number of occasions and although she was having problems around that time, yet whenever I cruised on her, she sailed perfectly and we never experienced a single problem, thankfully I was able to cruise on her just before she departed for her horrid Asian owners to become a failed Casino cruise ship!

The wonderful TSS Fair Princess seen in her final year with P&O in 1999 arriving back in Sydney from a cruise

Photograph by & Reuben Goossens


Visit TSS Fairsea & Fairwind and Enjoy this Very Special Feature

Also featururing “The Other Sitmar Cruises Ships” such as the

TSS Fairstar (1974) - SS Fairsky (1984) - MV Sitmar FairMajesty (1988) and much more!





MS Oranje / Angelina Lauro ~ Update


The 1939 built MS Oranje was hailed as the most remarkable ship for her time! The reason being; when she undertook her Deep Sea & Speed Trials in June 1939 she attained an amazing maximum speed of 26.5 knots making the Oranje the world fastest Motor Liner! The 200m - 656ft was 20,117 GRT (as built) and she was 25.5ft - 83.6ft wide, but there was something very unusual about her hull width! She did not sail for very long after her maiden cruise and voyage, for she was seconded as a Hospital Ship in Australia and she became the Darling of Australian’s and New Zealander’s alike during the war years, having saved countless of their, as well as British and other soldiers and civilians! Upon completion, she received a refit and resumed on the Dutch East Indies service until that halted, and she was placed on the Australia service.

MS Oranje is seen in Southampton in 1939

In 1958/59 she had a major refit and she was indeed a better ship accommodating fewer passengers than before. However soon Oranje’s around the world voyages ended, due to the same reason as most companies, airlines offering cheap charter fares on the new 747 Jumbo Jets and thus she was laid up in Amsterdam in July 1964. Her running mate the MS Willem Ruys would also be suffering the same fate and both ships were sold to Flotta Lauro in September 1964 to be come the MS Anglina Lauro and Achille Lauro respectively!

The newly rebuilt ultra modern and streamlined looking MS Angelina Lauro, ex MS Oranje


For the Full Story Read …

MS Oranje / MS Angelina Lauro



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