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Welcome to and To date, March 24, 2014, I have now written on over 579 Classic Liners that includes many fine Passenger-Cargo ships, thus having covered so many of the great liners as well as lesser-known ships, I am now slowing down, “But you have said that before,” I hear you say! Yes I have, but for some reason, it is like a drug, that is hard to give up, even though my eyes are bad, and vision is poor, I can only do a little at a time, but I have covered some 13 ships over the past few months. It is so hard to believe, and some of these new features have up to seven pages. Thus in due course, I suppose there will be a few new ones.

Besides the major liners, there has also been quite a few on the more humble converted pre and war-time Victory class ships being the type C3 & C4 class ships, which were rebuilt into migrant ships and each of them made significant inroads into maritime history, as well as providing some wonderful memories for countless thousands of people since the late 1940s until their demise into the 1960s.

The ships I have covered hail from counties from around the globe, some being the great British liners as well as many of the superbly built and designed Dutch, Belgium, German and Scandinavian ships, many of which were famed for their superb design. Then there are the wonderful French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish French, Portuguese and Greek liners all of which have reached many parts of the globe. But, who will ever forget the excellent American liners as there are a host of excellent passengers-cargo ships to the greatest of great liners This include of course one of my all time favourites the SS America, being the forerunner great American the world’s fastest Trans Atlantic Liner the SS United States! But then there were some amazing ships from other lesser-known nations, including some excellent Australian and New Zealand liners that go back to the mid 1800s and early 1900s! I am delighted that I have been able to cover so any counties and ships!

The author and the delightful wine waitress onboard --

MV Athena in 2012, this ship is currently the MV Azores --

She was originally built as the MS Stockholm in 1948 -=

As you enter the Main Index located at the top of the Left Bar and the ssMaritime Logo, you will discover I trust what you will believe to be a “ship lover’s delight” that will keep you reading and returning for many years to come!

As many regular readers know, due to my health etc, I am now retired and was supposed to have stopped writing quite some time ago, but having said that, I simply could not stop and I think that I have now added a good twenty five or more ships to my earlier listings, as well as slowly updating my many older features!

Next, I must say a very special thank you to all my dear friends and ship lovers around the world, and believe me there have been countless millions of you, in fact ssMaritime has just reached over 501.08 million readers, who have read this site and its associated pages. And believe it, so many of you have emailed me from the very beginning, when I was still a clumsy computer hack, with some of the most awful pages and pictures at first, yet you were so kind and loved them, for obviously those pages must have had something. But I learned fast and my sites started to rekindle countless happy memories regarding one or another ship that either you or your parents may have sailed on, or a ship that you may have admired for a long time whilst she was in your port. And friends, that was the whole idea of commencing ssMaritime as a 100% non-commercial website to give joy to the multitudes around the world! And I can tell you that it has been a great joy and a pleasure to me, being able to present these many fine ships to you, be they the grand and well known ships that I have presented, or those that are hardly known to some, but all of them were worthy for each of them touched countless of individual lives in so many different ways and the proof of this were the many emails I received begging me if I could place this or that ship online. I am sure that you may not know of some the following ships that I have written on, such as the delightful; MS Sinkiang or the SS Razmak, SS Exochorda, MV Thysville, MS Tjinegara, MS Eros, SS President Adams and the greatly loved SS Newfoundland and the MS Changsha being just a few of the many lesser known ships I have covered!

Best wishes and thank you for your many years of support!


Reuben Goossens - Retired.

Commenced in the Passenger shipping Industry in May 1960.

Maritime Historian, Author and Lecturer.

Official Historian of the MV Doulos:

Previously the: MS Franca C, SS Roma, SS Medina built in 1914.

Founder (1995) of the Original: campaign..


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On this page, you will discover that I am presenting 16 NEW Ships

And 2 Major Updates!


Pacific Steam Navigation Company

SS Reina Del Mar

Later a full time cruise ship with the Union-Castle Line!


The shapely SS Reina Del Mar seen in the River Mersey towards the end of her liner career with PSNCo

*See the special “Photograph” note at the bottom of the page

The 1956 built, 20,000 GRT was the very last passenger-cargo liner for Pacific Steam Navigation Company (PSNCo) to operate on an amazing service from Liverpool UK to Peru South America, calling at some 26 ports of call, although originally it was a massive 38 ports. When she concluded her liner career in 1964 it was 124 years after PSNCo commenced this highly specialised service.

The Company flag taken from onboard the Reina Del Mar after she completed her final line voyage in 1964 

She was then sent back to her original builders, Harland & Wolff to be converted into a full-time cruise ship, which entailed a 13-month refit and partial rebuilding. Upon completion, she would be a very different ship, where once she had been a three-class liner, now she was a two-class cruise ship, although within months she became one class! However, she looked very different, with her deck extensions, and a rather poor structure that was built in front of her funnel that looked like a big box gone very wrong, and it was ugly! Inside it featured one of the ships new facilities, the Cinema.

The Reina had been chartered to Travel Savings Association (TSA), but she was this company was soon taken over by Union-Castle Line and the ship was repainted in their livery, with her hull given their traditional lavender colour and the funnel being red with a black top.

Reina Del Mar seen as a Union-Castle Line cruise ship

*See the special “Photograph” note at the bottom of the page

This new feature of a fine ship will tell her story in full, and there is information that is not found anywhere else. In addition, there are ample photographs to enjoy of a ship that was greatly loved by so many, first as the superb Luxury Liner SS Reina Del Mar, and later as the more budged minded cruise ship!

Enter the all new SS Reina Del Mar feature





(Kon. Java-China-Paketvaart Lijnen. N.V.)


MS Straat Banka & MS Tjinegara


The beautifully designed and elegant looking MS Straat Banka is seen departing port for yet another destination

Photograph from the Author’s private collection

In 1951 and 1925 two identical superbly designed Passenger Cargo Liners were delivered to the “Koninklijke Paketvaart Maatschaapij.” The first was in 1951 the MS Straat Makassar, which was renamed Tjinegara in 1956, and she was followed shortly after in 1952 being the MS Straat Banka. The first ship was able to accommodate 50 passengers, whilst the second 48 passengers in all First Class accommodations that had some excellent style and comfort, as every cabin was outside with large windows and each stateroom had a private facilities.

One ship operates on the Yokohama sailing via many ports to Buenos Aires, but via ports such as Durban and Rio. The other departed Bombay and sailed via Asia to Melbourne Australia, via her east coat calling on Brisbane and Sydney and return via Adelaide and Fremantle (Perth), via Ceylon to Bombay.

These ships prove very popular and many would fly in or take them from one of the ports en-route and undertake a return voyage, as they desired a long and an exciting voyage of exploration!

The Straat Banka & Tjinegara feature has their full details and countless photographs of the Straat Banka’s exteriors and her interiors, and some of the Straat Makassar and the Tjinegara, but all of her general history. There is also a second page that contains Straat Banka’s Deck Plan, covering her as built in 1952 and after her refit in 1961.

Enter the ALL NEW MS Straat Banka & Tjinegara feature




“Compania Argentina De Navegacion Dodero S.A.

Dodero Line - Transferred to “ELMA”

S S S a l t a

And her sister SS Corrientes


From the author’s private collection

Two ex In addition to these there was also a special migrant operation from Genoa and Naples to Buenos Aires, sailing via Marseilles, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, Santos and Montevideo using two ex World War II C-3-A1 Class freighters that had been completed as escort aircraft carriers for the British Navy named HMS Tracker (SS Corrientes) and HMS Shah (SS Salta). Both ships were purchased by Dodero Line and were delivered to the shipyards at Newport News S.B. & D.D. Co., at Newport News in Virginia, where they were comprehensively rebuilt into passenger liners. They were completed with a large capacity of passengers all being accommodated in third class. Renamed SS Corrientes and SS Salta they both entered their respective services early in 1951 on the Italy to Argentina migrant trade for which they were obtained and rebuilt.

Externally, they were solid and reasonably pleasant looking liners, for the result of a conversion at shipyard although purely practical amazingly was certainly not unpleasant and they had even a modestly streamlined looking profile. They certainly were far better looking than most other C-3 class conversions, which were externally far more basic and rather boxlike, much like the ship shown below.

The C-3 Class rebuilt SS Fairsea is seen very early in her career on July 26, 1952 at Woolloomooloo wharf in Sydney, Australia

She was improved over the years, but never an attractive ship!

Photograph by passenger - the late Jonathan Basselton, but provided by his son John Basselton Jr, who has returned to Manchester UK

Although over the years, there were company name changes, but it was the SS Salta that became well known due to her encounter in December 1963, with the once beautiful and luxurious Dutch passenger liner the MS Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, lovingly known worldwide as the “JVO”, which in March 1963 had been sold to the Greek Line.

The elegant JVO is seen in her latter years in Amsterdam, being her homeport

A postcard from the author’s private collection

The JVO become the Greek Line’s cruise ship named the TSMS Lakonia and whilst she was still on her very first few months of cruising and on her first Christmas cruise to Madeira, Tenerife and Las Palmas, she caught fire late at night as a party was going on in the Grand Ballroom on December 22, 1963. It was the Salta that was the very first ship on the scene just after 3. a.m. and she quickly commenced searching for survivors.

For the full story of the SS Salta and the SS Corrientes by using the LINK below to head for their interesting page, that will include the Greek ships Lakonia fire tragedy! But it is worth reading the Johan van Oldenbarnevelt story, the ship that lovingly became known worldwide as the JVO!

Enter my SS Salta & SS Corrientes feature





MS Johan van Oldenbarnevelt ~ Updated!

Later she was the Ill-fated Greek cruise ship TSMS Lakonia for just ove 8 months


My beloved m.s. Johan van Oldenbarnevelt is seen leaving Wellington

on January 30, 1963 for her final departure from New Zealand

Photograph taken by & by the author, Reuben Goossens

With the SS Salta story above, I realised that I had started quite some time ago to update the JVO pages, but due to my health had stopped. Thus, having completed the Salta I waited before I placed it online, for I felt that I needed to finish the JVO, and now I have.

You will discover many more photographs, never seen before, as I had to go deep into my storage and located my JVO stock and I am pleased with the results. I trust that you also will obtain great pleasure from these 15 interesting pages, that will include the tragedy that was the TSMS Lakonia, the Greek Lines cruise ship, which was handed over to them in Genoa in March 1963.

The TSMS Lakonia looking perfect and ready to head off “On a Voyage of a Lifetime!” Or was it?

Image from the author’s private collection

But late at night, on December 22, whilst on her very first “Christmas Cruise,” promising a “Voyage that you will never forget,” the ship caught fire and a disaster ensued that would change the fire regulations forever. Sadly, considering they were not that far from land, far too many were lost, but that is another story and we tell all!

She lingered at sea burning and some of her decks caved in, and whilst under tow to port, on the 29th.considering she was listing to starboard she had taken on more water and heeled over and sunk! This once luxurious liner had sailed in grandeur since the 1920s, yet she was lost with this Greek company within a few months!

Go to my MS Johan van Oldenbarnevelt feature




SS Patricia

 She was such an attractive and an intimate passenger and cruise ship

OK, I am retired, but here is my 11th.ship in just a very short time believe it or not, after this I will have to have a long rest for now I will need it!

This is the delightful Swedish passenger ferry and cruise ship the 7, 700 GRT ship SS Patricia with had an interesting 47 year life before she met her end on the beach at Alang. However, before that she operated annual Trans-Atlantic voyages to operate her cruise series out of New York to the Caribbean and other destinations! She later sailed for HAPAG Lloyd and Eastern Steamship Lines who later swapped the then named SS Ariadne with Chandris for the SS Atlantis, in order for that ship to become the SS Emerald Seas. After having chartered her out for a year Chandris renamed her Bon Vivant and she operated Mediterranean as well as West Indies cruises. She had a varied life with Chandris and this feature has her whole story with ample photographs and two excellent deck plans!


Enter the all NEW SS Patricia feature




R.M.S. Strathaird ~ Updated!

RMS Strathaird is seen in Sydney whilst on her maiden voyage

Although the Strathaird feature has been online for a considerable time, however I have just completed updating her two original pages. However, I have now added her Deck Plan on Page Three. Thus this will make this feature even more interesting and page one and two is packed with new photographs, including those sent to me by Ruth Wilson, being a superb set of postcards obtained on board just after her post war refit when she had her two dummy funnels removed! Australian’s should also remember that it was this ship started the Australian cruise industry on December 23, 1932. The very next day, December 24, the RMS Oronsay departed Sydney, being the first cruise for Orient Lines. Today in 2014 P&O/Princess has six ships based in Australia year round, as well as at least another 60 plus ships from various companies, either based here seasonally, or visiting Australian ports throughout the year. Thus the Strathaird was the forerunner to our multi billion dollar cruise industry!

Enter the RMS Strathaird feature



Presenting the New Zealand Shipping Co, Ltd

R.M.S. Ruapehu

The RMS Ruapehu is seen arriving in Wellington New Zealand

This is one of the very early New Zealand Shipping Companies passenger-Cargo liners and she was built back in 1901. The Ruapehu has an interesting story to tell, mas she sailed for a solid 29 years transporting passengers and cargoes via South Africa and the Panama Canal to New Zealand Then in World War One she carried countless troops and amazingly she came out of the war unscathed, unlike so many other of the fine liners that had served so bravely.

You will discover, if you look closely at the Main Index, that I have covered many of the NZSSCo liners, such as the “Rangi” ships and more, but this ship is a quite different to the Rangitoto, Rangitata and other ships of the line!

Visit my NEW RMS Ruapehu feature



Presenting Three NEW Union Steamship Company Ships …

RMS Aorangi II

To date I have written on a good number of Union Steam Ship Company (USSCo) ships such as the little 1874 built SS Waitaki / SS Moeraki & Manuka / SS Marama & Maheno / RMS Aorangi / TSS Monowai / TSS Awatea / MV Matua and the last being the dfelightful Banana boat the 1951 MV Tofua. Although there were other inter-Island ferries built, but the ships covered were mostly their international Trans-Tasman or Trans-Pacific liners, with the odd exception such as the SS Waitaki that was only included on ssmaritime for a very special reason!

This special feature cover’s one of the USSCo greats, the superb liner, which was beautifully designed and executed by Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Company in Glasgow, Scotland in 1924 and completed in 1925. This feature will cover the career of the great RMS Aorangi, as well as the war years from 1941 to 1945. In addition there are countless excellent photographs of her externally as well as her sublime interiors!

Enter my NEW RMS Aorangi Feature!




Over the years, it has been a delight to write about the wonderful ships of the Union Steamship Company of New Zealand! There are two reasons for my fondness for this company, 1. It has a wonderful history of operating small and medial to what used to be considered as larger sized liners on the Trans-Tasman (New Zealand to Australia) service, Trans-Pacific serviced to and from Canada or the United States as well as New Zealand Inter Island and Coastal services since 1860s. 2. I have also worked for this wonderful Companies Head Office in Wellington New Zealand and soon became the assistant manager of their passenger ship provisions department, thus I spent a great deal of time on all of their liners of that time!

SS Moeraki is seen berthed at the Hamilton wharves in the Brisbane River

Due to a recent request I have covered the USSCo’s, 4,500 GRT liners - S.S. Moeraki of 1902 and the S.S. Manuka of 1903, being the first two ships that were to be built of six similar ships that were due to be built!

PS: Should anyone have any interior photos or other material of interest, including menus and schedules, etc, I would greatly appreciate your scanning and sending them. Full credit will be provided!

I trust that you will enjoy this new feature!

Reuben Goossens.

Enter the SS Moeraki & Manuka Page




Here is a very special feature covering four unique luxury passenger-cargo liners that constantly sailed around the world with twelve pampered passengers. Thus what made these freighters so special? The truth is they had the most glamorous passenger facilities ever seen on freighters, for they had rather humble beginnings.

American President Lines took four C4-S-1a class basic cargo ships and turned these ugly ducklings into sheer beauties and they were suddenly greatly desired by tourists who desired to go and discover the globe in the ultimate of comfort, but without all the crowds of a large passenger liner!

Enter my brand new feature …

The Four American President Lines Passenger-Cargo Liners




Another Wonderful NEW Seven-Page Feature



Very first Purpose Built Cruise Ships, the …

MS Cunard Adventurer & Ambassador

One ship had a long Successful Life, whilst the other a short Troubled One!


A wonderful photograph of the Ambassador whilst she was on the North Sea during her trials

Today, January 2014 she is a good 43 years of age and she will have sailed many ocean miles!

*Photograph part of the Author’s private collection – *See the special note on these ships pages

The ship above certainly does not look like the traditional classic liner, and no these two ships are not, however they certainly belong on these pages as they hail from the very early 1970s a time when shipping was beginning to change!

Two ships were ordered to be built; the first to be commenced was by the “Rotterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij N.V.”, of Rotterdam, the Netherlands and the second a year later by “P. Smit Jr Shipbuilders,” also in Rotterdam.

And they were completed for Cunard Line had who would enter them into their new Cunard fly/cruise market in the United States, and thus they commenced in a new market!

Cunard’s new cruise ships when launched were named the Cunard Adventurer of 1971 and Cunard Ambassador of 1972. Sadly the MS Cunard Ambassador was the first to leave the fleet as she caught fire just two years after having commenced cruising in 1974. She was declared a total loss, but she was obtained by a Danish Company who had her rebuilt to be come a livestock/sheep transport ship named Linda Clausen to be operated between the Middle East and Australia! Sold in 1980 and she was renamed Procyon and continued on the same services. In 1983 she was sold again and renamed Raslan and still operated on the Middle East Australia livestock service. However, within a few months she again caught fire and she was a complete loss and had to be broken op.

Whilst the MS Cunard Adventurer sailed for a little longer, but the ship and the fly/cruise venture never really proved to be very popular with the traditional Cunard clientele! In 1977, six years after she entered into service she was sold to Klosters – NCL to become the MS Sunward II and she received the twin aft funnels again and amazingly, this same ship that had been a disaster became a huge success! Later she became Epirotiki Lines MTS Triton and Louis Cruises MV Coral.

This feature offers history on the two ships in all their incarnations, including the new received in December 2013, as well as deck plans od all these ships and an amazing photo page, which is an exclusive to myself, making up a total of seven page feature for you to discover!

Thus Enter this Remarkable Feature via the link below!

MS Cunard Adventurer & Ambassador



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PLEASE NOTE: This is not a paid advertisement; it is just that I personally recommend Nautiques having had superb service and some fine goods from them over the years, and I have found that their prices are excellent and the goods and service have been superb. Most of these can be seen on the various pages throughout this site! Thus, I have decided to share it with you as a favour as I am so often asked about memorabilia and where it can be obtained etc!



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Also read Peter’s excellent “Decked Out” series, which is really worth reading!


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