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Welcome to In recent times I have managed to add a few more ships to the list and I trust that these will be appreciated! To date I have around 680 Classic Liners, which includes a good number of delightful Passenger-Cargo liners from nations all around the world, and thus I have attempted to cover as many of the great liners as well as a good number of lesser-known ships. In recent times, I have been updating many of my earlier features, for believe me some of them really needed a good clean up! But for obvious reasons, sadly I will now have to slow down for more than I ever have in the past, OK, I hear you say; “But you have said all that before.” And yes I have, and for some reason ships are like a drug to me and it is very difficult to just give it all up, even though my eyes are is getting worse and worse and my health is so much worse and I am slowing down rapidly! Thus dear friend, sadly now it is time to put a complete halt to writing any further features as well as any other work. Therefore, thus officially as from September 2015 I have now officially and completely retired and I will no longer be able to answer any further emails!

But be assured and covering the over 101-year old MV Doulos will remain online indefinitely!

Looking Back:

Besides having written on countless major passenger liners, as well as a good number of humble of converted war-time Victory class ships, such as the type C3 & C4 class ships, some that were rebuilt from humble, fine to rather glamorous migrant ships and these ships made significant inroads into maritime history, as well as providing some wonderful memories for countless thousands of people from the late 1940s until their demise in the 1960s.

The author in beautiful Tasmania (Australia) around --

ten years ago, seen in the delightful Tamar Valley.----

I have ensured that I was able to cover ships from counties from around the globe, be they the great British liners as well as many of the superbly built and designed Scandinavian, German, Dutch and Belgium ships, many of which were famed for their superb design. Then there were those wonderful French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Portuguese and Greek liners all of which have reached many parts of the globe. But, who will ever forget those excellent American liners such at the great Matson ships and the superb SS America and SS United States, all remarkable ships indeed! However, I also loved covering a host of delightful passengers-cargo ships that plied the globe giving their passengers a voyage of great comfort! Thus, ssmaritime is a site that carefully covers ships from the greatest of great liners, to the most humble passenger ships for I did not forget that there were some amazing ships from other lesser-known maritime nations, including some excellent Australian and New Zealand passenger liners that go back to the mid 1800s and early 1900s! I am delighted that I have been able to cover countless counties, for they all had some amazing passenger ships!

Thank You!

Next, I must say a very special thank you to all the ship lovers around the world, for I have been astounded that there have been so many of you reading this site; in fact ssMaritime has just reached 509.6 million readers to at the time of writing. And just the last three months of 2015 ssmaritime received an amazing 10,989,341 million visitors, which just blows me away! Without a doubt, the number of emails certainly reflects those numbers, and I look back to those days when I was just a clumsy computer hack, with some of the most awful pages and pictures, yet you were so kind and you loved them, for obviously those pages must have had something. But I learned fast and my sites slowly improved and they started to rekindle happy memories regarding one or another ship that either you or your parents or grandparents would have sailed on, or a ship that you may have admired for a long time whilst she was in port. And friends, that was the purpose of commencing ssMaritime. And remember, that it is and remains 100% non-commercial, for its purpose give joy to the multitudes around the world! And I can tell you that it has been a great joy and a pleasure to me be be able to present the hundreds fine ships to you, and all of them are worthy for they have all  touched many individual lives in many different ways and the proof of this countless emails that I receive day after day thanking me for the memories!

With the six hundred eighty plus ships, I am sure that you may not even know of some the amazing ships that I have written on, such as the delightful; MS Sinkiang or the SS Razmak, SS Exochorda, MV Thysville, MS Tjinegara, SS Medina, MV Franca C, MS Eros, SS President Adams, Salta and the greatly loved SS Newfoundland and the MS Changsha being just a few of the many lesser known ships that I have covered on! But all of these are just wonderful and worthy ships that have given so much joy and happiness to so many, I know for many emails have told me so!

To Conclude:

As you enter the ssMaritime Logo Main Index located at the top of the Left Bar (on the left) be assured that you will discover a “ship lover’s delight” one that will keep you reading and returning for many years to come!

But, as I finally conclude, I wish to sincerely thank for your gracious support!                                                                                                                                                                

Reuben Goossens NOW Retired.

Commenced in the Passenger Shipping Industry in 1960.

Maritime Historian, Cruise‘n’Ship Reviewer, Author and Lecturer.

Official Historian of the MV Doulos:

Previously the: MS Franca C, SS Roma, SS Medina built in 1914.

Founder 1995 (online in 1997) of the original:


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The Sitmar Ships

The wonderful TN Castel Felice on of the early liners

Over the years I have received unbelievable numbers of requests to add a feature on all the Sitmar Liners and Cruise Ships. Well, it has taken a considerable time, but in this work, which has recently been fully updated, I will present the history on each ship, together with photographs, deck plans and menus as well as passengers stories with photographs and documents they have provided! Therefore, I hope and pray that the following 27 page feature will have you reliving your Sitmar experience or possibly experiences, be it sailing to or from Europe/UK to New Zealand, Australia, Canada or the USA on a line voyage, or as a passenger on one of their ships countless cruises, which were amazingly popular!

I certainly have enjoyed writing and compiling this very special and very long feature on a company that I greatly love and have personally sailed with many, many times in those wonderful days!

The much loved and popular TSS Fairsky (2) was one of the best conversions of wartime

built C-3 class Freighter, that then became an Escort Aircraft Carrier, later sold to Sitmar

Now, go and enjoy reading about those wonderfulSitmar Liners & Cruise Ships.

Reuben Goossens.


A Farewell to the ~ MS Doulos

“A Ship Like No Other”


MV Doulos seen just aft of the Brisbane Portside Cruise Terminal on August 18, 2008

I joined the ship on Aug 1, and will that evening for a slow voyage down to Sydney arriving on August 21st

However, I remained on board several days longer and officially cut her 94th.Birthday cake on the 22nd!

Photograph by & © Reuben Goossens taken from Portside Cruise Terminal where we had been

berthed for the duration but were forced to move for the last few days, as a cruise ship arrived

MV Doulos was launched on August 22, 1914; just two years after the Titanic departed Southampton on her ill-fated voyage. Whilst she was still sailing the “Guinness Book of Records” declared the Doulos was “The world’s oldest active ocean-going passenger ship” and the minute anyone lays eyes on her there is no doubt that this ship is an amazing piece of maritime history. Just look at her supreme counter stern and you know that this is a ship that is very special!

During her 96-year career her hull carried four names and she served in four very different roles. The Motor Ship Doulos was originally built as a Steam Ship, the SS Medina and then sold. During her long career she had three new names appeared on her bow and stern, SS Roma, MS Franca C and the of course the MV Doulos.

AS the SS Medina she was just a simple US freighter, transporting fruit and vegetables to American ports. After a thirty-four-year civil as well a wartime career she was sold and rebuilt as an austere migrant & refugee ship. Later she had several further renovations and she became first a trans-Atlantic liner, and then a luxury cruise ship. When she was a good sixty three years old, she was sold to a non denominational Christian organisation GBA - “Gute Buche fur Alle” / OM Ships International - Operation Mobilization to become a floating Book Exhibition/Shop and a Christian Outreach ship to the world, and she continued sailing the globe until being decommissioned on December 31, 2010 in Singapore.

Farewell “Faithful Servant”:

Having fought so hard to save the MV Doulos after her decommissioning, I was able to aid a Singaporean man and she is now owned by his Singaporean family concern and the ship was sent to the shipyards at Batam for modifications. I was originally told that she was going to become a “Floating Hotel and Tourist Facility, etc.” However, it turns out that the magnificent historic ex Doulos has had her interiors virtually stripped, thus destroying much of the integrity of her now 101 year history, but worse still just recently, she has been dragged by chains up onto an Indonesian Island, where she is to become part of a tourist resort. Therefore, having originally supported this campaign I now no longer wish to be associated with the beautiful the land-locked building that is in Indonesia for it is no longer the beautiful ex MV Doulos and MS Franca C, SS Roma and SS Medina, Personally, I go back as far as the days when she was still the Costa Lines MS Franca C, an all First Class luxury cruise ship whilst cruising the Mediterranean with my wife in 1971. Thus, I have sailed on her a good number of times! But all I can say now is; “Farewell, Good and Faithfull Doulos,” which means “Servant” in Greek!

MV Doulos

Please Note: The Doulos Online Book has many pages and it is located on



My near-Poseidon Misadventure on the P&O Iberia


By Gail Kavanagh

“I recently discovered a fascinating website called ssMaritime, written by maritime historian Reuben Goossens. Anyone who was Australian immigrant in the 60s would have travelled on one of the great liners that plied the UK-Australia run across the International Date Line to the other side of the world. I personally did that run three times, coming to Australia in 1964 as a passenger on the P&O liner SS Iberia, on a working visit, and returning on the Sitmar liner TTS Fairstar in 1965, and returning for good on the P&O SS Oriana in 1969.

A P&O postcard of the SS Iberia

Mr. Goossens’ site has so much information on all these ships that I was happily lost for hours, reliving my voyages through the many photos and ephemera he has collected. But what really caught me eye was the accident-prone Iberia. I was on board this ship in July 1964 when she nearly turned turtle, like the Poseidon in Paul Gallico‘s novel. It was a relief to learn she was accident prone, actually, since I always believed I was a bit of a jinx at sea, and I suspected it was my fault for being on board. But I guess when you mix an accident-prone ship and a human jinx that’s what happens. Anyway I was prompted to write about my adventure.”

Thank you Gail, I was delighted that you were able relive your days aboard these three wonderful classic liners!

SS Oriana is seen arriving in Sydney in the mid 1960s


You can see what a great looking liner the Iberia was at ssMaritime’s

SS Iberia page - Also visit the; TSS Fairstar & SS Oriana



A Very Special Maritime Memorabilia Contact was founded in 1984, and they have one of the finest collections of maritime items available, be it brochures, deck plans, labels, postcards, crockery, silverware and even furniture from historic ships occasionally. However, I am delighted to say that prices are so very affordable, and often they are far better than what is available on eBay. Mind you, I have found that will have items you will never see on eBay!

Nautiques is owned and operated by Mr. Don Leavitt and he has more than 3,000 items of ocean liner and steamship antiques and collectibles spanning the last century available at any one time! You can browse through the site that has hundreds of shipping lines listed from around the world or visit the main page at …

If you are looking for a rare item then contact Don Leavitt direct at; For the ssMaritime email address, see bottom of page.

PLEASE NOTE: The above item is not a paid advertisement, but a personal recommendation of having had superb service and excellent items from them over many years. In addition and I have found that their prices have always been better than excellent and the goods and service have been superb! In fact so I have obtained so many items from and I have placed on various pages throughout this site! Thus, I have decided to share it with you as a favour as I am so often asked about memorabilia and where it can be obtained etc!


Please take note; that ssmaritime is and will always be 100% non-commercial, as I do not sell or seek advertising or funding, thus I do not make a single cent from my sites as it is a work of joy. In fact it cost me a great deal to operate them, but it is a pleasure to do so and from the countless emails I receive, I know that 1. It is appreciated. 2. That so many wonderful memories are relived by past passengers and ship lovers!


Reuben Goossens.

Commenced in the Passenger Shipping Industry in 1960.

Maritime Historian, Cruise‘n’Ship Reviewer, Author & Lecturer.




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“Blue Water Liners sailing to the distant shores.
I watched them come, I watched them go and I watched them die.”





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