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Welcome to In recent times I have managed to add a few more ships to the list and I trust that these will be appreciated! To date I have written on around 700 Classic Liners, however this does include a good number of delightful Passenger-Cargo liners from nations all around the world, and thus I have attempted to cover as many of the great liners as well as a good number of lesser-known ships. In recent times, I have been updating many of my earlier features, for believe me some of them really needed a good clean up! But for obvious reasons, sadly I will now have to slow down for more than I ever have in the past, OK, I hear you say; “But you have said all that before.” And yes I have, and for some reason ships are like a drug to me and it is very difficult to just give it all up, even though my eyes are is getting worse and worse and my health is so much worse and I am slowing down rapidly! Thus dear friend, sadly now it is time to put a complete halt to writing any further features as well as any other work. Therefore, thus I have now officially and completely retired and I will no longer be able to answer any further emails! But be assured all and associated sites will remain online indefinitely!

Looking Back:

Besides having written now on around 700 major passenger liners, as well as a good number of humble of converted war-time Victory class ships, such as the type C3 & C4 class ships, some that were rebuilt from humble, fine to rather glamorous migrant ships and these ships made significant inroads into maritime history, and I pray that through my sites I have provided some wonderful memories for countless thousands of ex passengers and their relatives who may have sailed on these wonderful ships from the 1930s until their demise in the 1970s.

The author having his morning coffee on the MV Golden Princess on a cruise-

ex Sydney to New Zealand on September 29, 2015 even though the ship is-

ship is too big, I have still booked a 35 Day South Pacific, Hawaii, Tahiti &-

and & New Zealand cruise on the MV Golden Princess in September 2017-

I have been able to cover ships from counties from around the globe, be they the great British liners as well as many of the superbly built and designed Scandinavian, German, Dutch and Belgium ships, many of which were famed for their superb design. Then there were those wonderful French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Portuguese and Greek liners all of which have reached many parts of the globe. But, who will ever forget those excellent American liners such at the great Matson ships and the superb SS America and SS United States, all remarkable ships indeed! However, I also loved covering a host of delightful passengers-cargo ships that plied the globe giving their passengers a voyage of great comfort! Thus, ssmaritime is a site that carefully covers ships from the greatest of great liners, to the most humble passenger ships for I did not forget that there were some amazing ships from other lesser-known maritime nations, including some excellent Australian and New Zealand passenger liners that go back to the mid 1800s and early 1900s! I am delighted that I have been able to cover countless counties, for they all had some amazing passenger ships!

Thank You!

Next, I must say a very special thank you to all the ship lovers around the world, for I have been astounded that there have been so many of you reading this site; in fact ssMaritime has just reached 509.6 million readers to at the time of writing, which just blows me away! Without a doubt, the number of emails certainly reflects those numbers, and as I look back to those days when I was just a clumsy computer hack, with some of the most awful pages and pictures, yet you were so kind and you loved them, yet obviously those pages must have had something, being a story. But I learned fast and my sites slowly improved and they started to rekindle happy memories regarding one or another ship that either you or your parents or grandparents would have sailed on, or a ship that you may have admired for a long time whilst she was in port. And friends, that was the purpose of commencing ssMaritime. And remember, that my sites have remained 100% non-commercial, for its purpose give joy to the multitudes around the world! And I can tell you that it has been a great joy and a pleasure to me to be able to present the countless of fine ships to you, and all of them are worthy for they have all have touched so many individual lives in many different ways and the proof of this are reflected in the emails I receive day after day thanking me for the memories!

To Conclude:

As you enter the ssMaritime Logo Main Index located at the top of the Left Bar on the left be assured that you will discover a “Ship lover’s delight” one that will keep you reading and returning for many years to come!

But, as I conclude, I wish to sincerely thank for your gracious support!     

Reuben Goossens - NOW Retired.

Commenced in the Passenger Shipping Industry in 1960.

Maritime Historian, Cruise‘n’Ship Reviewer, Author and Lecturer.

Founder (1995, but online in 1997) of the first & original:


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Brand New & Newly Updated Features


1 … New Feature

Canadian Pacific Rail & Shipping

R.M.S. Empress of Ireland

I have just completed the tragic story of the RMS Empress of Ireland built in 1906. I should say that I have desired to write this story for a long time, but due to poor health I was just not able! However, over an extended period I slowly managed to complete it, and thankfully it is now finished. It also includes details regarding her one month younger and identical sister the Empress of Britain.

What has always amazed me is this; when I first learned about this ship, I discovered that the greatest loss of Passengers at sea did not actually occur on the Titanic or the Lusitania, but it actually happened on that great expanse of the St. Lawrence River. A 6,000-ton ice strengthened coal collier collided into the Empress and sadly it was all over for the great liner in a mere 14 minutes when the great ship had gone down with more passengers dead than either the aforementioned ships!

The Greatest Loss of Passengers:

Out of out of the 1,057 passengers on board the Empress of Ireland, only 217 of them were saved. Yet from the 420 crewmembers on board, 248 were saved, thus more than half of the crew and that does not make sense, for shockingly out of 1,057 passengers a massive 840 of these precious ones perished. Another shocking tragedy was that out of 138 children, O Lord, 134 perished, thus there were only 4 being saved. The story of one of these children is on Page Two.

Page One contains the RMS Empress of Ireland history complete with many photographs and specifications. Whilst Page Two contains the story of the disaster of ships 96th.fatefull voyage on May 28, 1914.

Enter Page One “Empress of Ireland” - The History Page



Orient Steam Navigation Co. Ltd

2 … Two New Features

R.M.S. Ormuz (I)


The Innovative R.M.S. Ormuz (I) is seen in Sydney Harbour

In 1886 the Orient Line had taken delivery of their new liner the RMS Ormuz, but within just a year she had made the News in Australian newspaper for being “The Fastest Ship in the World”, and a London Periodical reported that the “Orient Lines Ormuz had landed a consignment from South Australia consisting of apples, pears, grapes, oranges, quinces, lemons, melons and pomegranates.” And then they made it very clear that all this must have come over on the Ormuz’s “cold storage, otherwise it would not have arrived as fresh as it did, considering it having sailed through hot and tropical waters!”

It is rather sad, but there has not been a single Australia maritime historian who has written about this ship, as there is no record of her anywhere. The only time the name “Ormuz” comes up, is with the “Ormuz 2,” which was built as the German ship SS Zeppelin in 1914 and she became the second RMS Ormuz in 1920. However, it is the Ormuz 1 that pioneered the emigration service to Australia and tourist voyages homeward and she has an amazing story to tell!

I am sure that you would like to know much more about this innovative ship, the RMS Ormuz, thus I suggest that you use the LINK below and enter the just completed brand new feature online, as it contains her story together with many wonderful photographs, postcards and other images as well as her Deck Plan on Page Two.

Enter the all New RMS Ormuz (I)  Feature

RMS Ormuz (2):

There was another ship named the RMS Ormuz (2) and having been built for the Norddeutscher Lloyd (NDL) in 1914/15, and when completed she was laid up during the war. There after she was used by the Americans for several voyages as a troopship, before being sold to the Orient Line to become the Ormuz and placed on the Australian service.

RMS Ormuz (2) seen on the Thames

Later she was repurchased by NDL and renamed SS Dresden and placed on the Germany to New Yoprk service and later also in cruises, but that would be her undoing in 1934! Her story is online on Page Three and it is an interesting one to say the least!

Also visit Page Three RMS Ormuz (2) Feature

1: Norddeutscher Lloyd - SS Zeppelin 1914-19.

2: Orient Steam Navigation Co - RMS Ormuz 1920-27.

2: Norddeutscher Lloyd - SS Dresden 1927-34.





3 … New Feature

This one of Epirotiki all first class & luxurious ships, the MS Argonaut

OK, I did say that I would not be writing anything new as due to my health it would be far too difficult. However, I decided that I did always had an desire to write something on a company I greatly admired and loved, for they were the pace setters when it came to commencing Greek and Aegean Island Cruising, and that is the amazing company, which has it origins back in 1850. From the logo above you already know I am speaking of the delightful Epirotiki Lines, a company that purchased some amazing, but solid and superbly maintained second hand ships some that date back to 1914. All these ships received amazing refits turning them into luxurious cruise ships.

The luxurious cruise ship, MTS Jason seen in port

Currently there are four pages online, as well as associated Deck Plans for the MS Semiramis and the SS Argonaut and the Jason. However, there is still another page with deck plans to follow, covering two further ships, as well as a page dedicated to the Potamianos family, being the founders of Epirotiki Lines, but especially of the more recent late Mr George, P. Potamianos who was a dear friend, who established a wonderful new cruise company!

Page One - MS Semiramis - 1953


Page Two - SS Hermes - 1955, SS Atreus - 1958, SS Pegasus & Hermes II - 1960


Page Three - MS Argonaut - 1964 / Page Four - MTS Jason - 1966




4 … Updated Feature

29 Page Sitmar Line / Cruises Feature

The delightful and popular old liner SS Castel Felice right through to their ultra modern cruise ships of the late 1980s

Sitmar Line, which in the 1980s was renamed Sitmar Cruises, but SITMAR was a company name, which was derived from the full company name; Societa Italiana Trasporti Marittimi, which is in English; Italian Maritime Transport Company. Sitmar was originally an Italian shipping line founded by Russian Mr. Alexandre Vlasov; however the company's headquarters were later transferred to Monaco. Mr. Vlasov originally operated cargo services, which commenced in 1937, but he gradually purchased laid up ships after the WW2 and rebuilt them into Passenger Liners and commenced passenger services from 1947 and continued until 1988, when the company was taken over by P&O/Princess Cruises.

SS Fairsky seen in Melbourne January 25, 1971

This amazing and extensive feature covers every single Passenger Liner and Cruise Ship including the only ever completed new build, the SS Fairsky, which later became the Pacific Sky in Australia, as well as those ships that were in building, but completed for Princess Cruises as well as a number that had already been designed by Sitmar and placed on order and were built by P&O/Princess. The latter three are currently sailing for P&O Cruises Australia, as the Pacific Pearl, Pacific Dawn and the Pacific Jewel! However, the smaller ships are certainly fascinating and were greatly loved, the SS Castel Felice, ex Kenya, the MS Fairsea, SS Fairsky seen below and the greatly loved TSS Fairstar, ex Oxfordshire (see Item 3). Not to forget the Fair Princess and the Dawn Princess, the two ex Cunarders, which were the two Sitmar Cruises American ship operating very successful luxury cruises when they were named the TSS Fairsea and the Fairwind, which was renamed; Sitmar Fairwind.

I am sure for the countless of thousand who have sailed on a Sitmar Liner to or from the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, or taken a cruise on one of their wonderful ships in their later days, and remember that the offshoot of Sitmar today is the Ultra Luxury all Inclusive, All Suite Silversea Cruises is still cruising the globe, but no longer with migrants, but in the top bracket! The Company also mans countless Cruise Companies and V-Ships is one of the largest and the most important ship management company in the cruise industry today and again, we all know what “V” stands for!

Enter the The Sitmar Experience




5 … Updated Feature

Incres Line

MS Victoria

ex; RMS Dunnottar Castle, later; MV The Victoria & MV Princesa Victoria


MS Victoria is seen arriving in the Caribbean in the 1960s

Incres Lines MS Victoria, was originally built in 1936 for Union Castle Lines rather boxy looking liner, the RMS Dunnottar Castle. Yet, this graceful old liner had a very long and a remarkable history. Having been sold in 1958 the ship was completely rebuilt to become a magnificent all First Class luxury cruise ship and she was renamed MS Victoria for the famed Incres Lines.

RMS Dunnottar Castle is seen as originally built

All of her Suites and Staterooms had private facilities and personal air-conditional controls and countless other facilities not found on other ships of her size. She was sold to Chandris in 1975 to become the MV The Victoria, and finally in 1993 to Louis Cruises who renamed her MV Princesa Victoria.  After an amazing 68 years at the sea she was the oldest ship of her size ever, but her days were finally up in 2004 when she was sold to the breakers at Alang India. This feature was recently Updated - 12 pages + 1 page of her at Alang the majority of pages have new photographs and copy, thus if you have read this feature before, expect so much more when you return!

Enter the MS Victoria feature





5 … Updated Feature

T.S.S. Fairstar

Ex HMT Oxfordshire - 1957 to 1963

The superb Fairstar having just been extensively been rebuilt into a Passenger Liner in 1964

Is seen here with her much loved yellow Sitmar funnel with the big blue V

From the author’s private collection

The TSS Fairstar was originally built as hull 755 at Glasgow’s Fairfield S.B. & Eng Co., Ltd, in the Govan Yard and she was delivered named the Oxfordshire to her owners the Bibby Line on February 13, 1957. As she had been placed on a fifteen year charter to the Ministry of Transport as a troopship the ship was always designated HMT, being “Her Majesty’s Troopship,” rather than TSS = Turbine Steam Ship, or just SS = Steam Ship! Although she had a short life as a trooper and the charter was cancelled, although Bibby Line was fully compensated and she made her very last voyage in December 1962 after which she was laid up in the River Fal and placed on the market.

The HMT Oxfordshire seen berthed at Southampton, as we can see the big difference between the two

ships, as the Fairstar has had all her decks brought further forward and aft & a new funnel a deck higher

From the author’s private collection

She was obtained on a charter agreement in February 1963 by a subsidiary of Sitmar Line and in May she headed for the Netherlands for a radical rebuilding programme to turn this troop ship into a grand passenger liner. Soon Sitmar decided to but her outright as the ship was suitable to all their needs and specifications!

There is no doubt that this ship had a good and a long life, but above all, she became one of the most loved ships of all times and she is credited of commencing a multi billion dollar cruise industry in Australia, as the Italian Sitmar Cruises, and not the British P&O as they keep on claiming, TSS Fairstar was the very first cruise ship to be home ported in Sydney on a year round basis! Clink on the link below for her Five Page History, Photo Pages and Deck Plans!

Enter the TSS Fairstar Feature

Includes two pages on the HMT Oxfordshire


Also visit the Grand Sitmar Experience

Covering every Sitmar liner/cruise ship covered on some 30 WebPages




6 … New Feature


Enter a World of seven very different Passenger Cargo Liners, starting with three older but wonderful ships built in 1929 & 1930 and these three accommodates between 27 to 58 passengers in fine comfort with excellent lounges and bars and a fine restaurant offering the best of cuisine! These ships can be seen in the image above.

The next two hail from the late 1930, early 1940s, and these two super luxury liners offered accommodations for 125, and later 148 passengers in the most upmarket style. These passengers Cargo ships were the envy around the world and much sought after.

The wonderful MS Noordam built in 1938

Then came the final two ships completed in 1950 and 1957 that accommodated around 60 First Class Passengers in the ultimate luxury as was in Holland America Lines traditional style and remains to this day.

SS Diemerdyk built in1950


Enter the following pages 1: MV Dalerdijk Delftdijk & SS Diemerdijk


2: MS Noordam & Westerdam - 3: SS Diemerdyk & Dinteldyk



I trust that the above  new or updated features, will be enjoyed as they all have new and/or larger photographs, in addition I have added new details to existing features and stories where applicable!

Reuben Goossens.


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Nautiques is owned and operated by Mr. Don Leavitt and he has more than 3,000 items of ocean liner and steamship antiques and collectibles spanning the last century available at any one time! You can browse through the site that has hundreds of shipping lines listed from around the world or visit the main page at …

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Please take note; that ssmaritime is and will always be 100% non-commercial, as I do not sell or seek advertising or funding, thus I do not make a single cent from my sites as it is a work of joy. In fact it cost me a great deal to operate them, but it is a pleasure to do so and from the countless emails I receive, I know that 1. It is appreciated. 2. That so many wonderful memories are relived by past passengers and ship lovers!


Reuben Goossens.

Commenced in the Passenger Shipping Industry in 1960.

Maritime Historian, Cruise‘n’Ship Reviewer, Author & Lecturer.




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