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Shaw Savill Lines world’s first 100% passenger liner, having no cargo space, the SS Southern Cross

She was completed in 1955 and ended her service as the American Cruise Ship SS OceanBreeze in 2003


Welcome to In the past year I have managed to add some companies and individual ships to the list as well as having updated a good number of my earlier features, for believe me some of them really needed a good clean up! But for obvious reasons, sadly I have now finally completed my task, having recently completed updating a ship I have been working on for a very long time, the Royal Rotterdam Lloyd MS Willem Ruys, which became the ill-fated MS Achille Lauro. Sadly with my eyes sight getting worse and worse and my health is certainly not too good at all, I am am forced to slow down! Thus dear friends, sadly I have decided that the time has come it is time to put a complete end to writing any further features as well as any other work. Therefore, I have now officially and completely retired and will no longer be able to answer any further emails! But be assured all and associated sites will remain online indefinitely!

Looking Back:

Besides having written well over 700 major Passenger Liners and also a good number of more humble ships, many being converted War-Time Victory Class ships, such as the type C3 & C4 Class Ships, some rebuilt into very humble Migrant Liners,  whilst some became more modern looking and glamorous Migrant Liners and these ships made significant inroads into maritime history, and I hope that through the pages off ssMaritime I will have provided many wonderful memories for those past passengers and their relatives who may have sailed on these wonderful ships, from days of old until their demise in the late 1970s.

The author is seen aboard the MV Athena in 2011 whilst on a-

voyage from Australia to England on the classic ship built back-

in 1948 and was completely rebuilt from the hull up in 1995-

She is still sailing today as the CMC Cruises (UK) MV Astoria-

Thank You!

Next, I must say thank you to all the ship lovers around the world, for I have been astounded that there have been so many of you reading this site; in fact ssMaritime has recently reached 517 million readers to and at the time of writing, and that simply blows me away! Without a doubt, the number of emails certainly reflects those numbers and as I look back to those early days when I was just a clumsy computer hack, with some of the most awful pages and pictures, yet you were so kind and you loved them, yet obviously those pages must have had something, being a story. Please remember, that my sites have always remained 100% non-commercial, for my purpose has been to give happy memories and joy to the passengers from around the world! And be assured, that it has been a pleasure for me to be able to present as many fine classic ships as possible to you, and all of them are worthy for each of them will have touched individual lives in various ways and the proof of this has been reflected, as I already said, in the many emails I receive day after day thanking me for “the memories!”

To Conclude:

The ssMaritime Main Index is located Below & at the Bottom of the Page and be assured that you will discover a “Ship lover’s delight” with over 700 great liners and lesser known, yet important ships, both migrant ships and passenger-cargo ships, etc, and all of these will have you reading and returning for a long to come!  

Reuben Goossens - Retired.

Commenced in the Passenger Shipping Industry in 1960.

Maritime Historian, Author and Lecturer, Cruise‘n’Ship Reviewer.

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Recent & UPDATED Features

The Panama Pacific Liners


The SS California is seen in New York Harbour passing a Holland Tunnel Vent

Photographer is unknown - Please see the photo notes at the bottom of the page

SS California, Virginia & Pennsylvania - 1928 to 1938:

The “American Line Steamship Corp” in mid 1920s decided to build three elegant twin funnelled sister ships, the S.S. California, Virginia and the Pennsylvania. All three ships were built at Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Co., Ltd., in Virginia and were designed to operate vacation voyages as well as to carry cargo between New York and San Francisco. These turbo-electric powered liners were promoted as being 32,450 Displacement tons, and they were completed in 1928 and 1929 and were named SS California, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Each ship accommodated 384 First Class passengers and 363 in Tourist Class with a crew of 363. These ships were beautifully designed and had fine appointments throughout! They were placed under the management of the “Panama Pacific Line” and the three liners were promoted as The “Big 3.”

Itinerary was as follows: New York, Havana Cuba, Colon Panama, transit the Panama Canal, Balboa Panama San Diego, Los Angeles to San Francisco. After an overnight stay, the return voyage was via the same ports back to New York. Voyages could be sold as return cruises, or as a cruise and rail voyage, as passengers would disembark either in San Francisco or New York and they would either take the train to their hometown, which would have been pre-arranged and booked by Panama Pacific Line, as they had special fixed rates available to them for their guests. Alternatively, passengers were also able to take their “automobiles” with them aboard, as all three ships had a drive on, drive off garage facility, and therefore they could drive home.

However due to the loss of the mail subsidy as well as ongoing strikes in the US, the ships began to suffer financially and were placed on the market, but they were very quickly sold to the “American Republics Line” and they were renamed.

SS Uruguay, ex California, Brazil, ex Virginia & Argentina, ex Pennsylvania - 1938 to 1964:

Here we see one of the ships with the “American Republics Line” funnel

These three Panama Pacific Line liners were still superbly beautiful, and in perfect condition and having been sold they became part of “American Republics Line” new “Good Neighbor Fleet.” The three ships were sent to be partially refurbished and rebuilt at “Newport News Shipyards,” or the Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation. Besides some minor interior changes, their exteriors saw a drastic change, for upon completion their aft funnel had gone, leaving one slightly larger funnel, giving these ships a more modern look!

Here we see the SS Uruguay after her WW2 refit with the Moore-McCormack logo on her funnel

However after their World War 2 duties they would again receive a major refit, which upgraded their interiors greatly and they became far more luxurious and very suitable for the South American service, which they now operated! Sadly, their days concluded when all three ships were sold to be broken up in 1964.

This is a three-page feature, with full details and many photographs!

Enter our new SS California - Uruguay and her two Sisters three-page feature



The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company)

R.M.S. Canton 3

RMS Canton was the very last P&O liner to be given a black hull and funnel

The Canton was an amazing ship, for as you will discover this in her feature for she was a ship that had a good number of "lasts," as well as a special and an unusual “first!”

Besides serving to the Far East prior to WW2, she was then acquired by the admiralty and converted to an Armed Merchant Cruiser, and later she became a Troopship. She served the war bravely and came under attack many times, yet came out of it unscathed! She was rebuilt after the war and she was painted all white, and came under the new management of P&O-Orient line, due to the companies having merged. She was a fine liner and she had excellent public venues, which were sumptuously furnished with fine timber walls and furnishings, etc and Cabins were roomy and well appointed!

Visit the RMS Canton Feature



Cunard White Star Line / Cunard Line

R.M.S. Mauretania

Painting of the RMS Mauretania by the late Dutch Maritime Artist …

Mr. Sjouke Jan Veldhuis - Provided by & © Mr. Hans Brink

The Mauretania was first and the largest ever Cunard White Star Line Trans-Atlantic Liner to be built in England. She was launched in 1938 and made her maiden voyage on June 17, 1939. She was famed for her late Art Deco style interiors, which gave her a unique and made her a popular liner, the Queen Elizebath had similal décor, but in a gradeus style and on a larger scale!

Here we see the Cabin Class (later First Class) Grand Entrance Hall & Stairwell

In 1950 she returned to be operated by Cunard Line and in 1962 she was given her second refit during her career. However, during this refit, she was painted cruising green and accommodated slightly less passengers. She operated popular winter Caribbean cruises, as well as her regular Trans-Atlantic voyages during the summer months. This fine ship had a fine WW2 record and she has a great story to tell!

Visit the RMS Mauretania Feature



Union Line & Hellenic Mediterranean Lines

SS Maunganui sold to become the TSS Cyrenia

A fine view of the Union Line ss Maunganui’s counter stern

The Union Line, later to become the “Union Steamship Company” (USSCo) of New Zealand ordered a new passenger liner to be built by Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company in Govan on the River Clyde, and she was launched in August 1911. She operated on both the Trans-Tasman and Trans-Pacific services to San Francisco and Vancouver. She served in World War One and Two, but after the WW2 she was rapidly sold when she was returned to her owners in 1947 to a Greek Company and was renamed TSS Cyrenia.

A Hellenic Mediterranean Lines postcard of the TSS Cyrenia

She was taken to Piraeus, Greece where she was refitted to take 800 passengers and she was operated by Hellenic Mediterranean Lines as a refugee, migrant and passenger ship between Genoa, Malta to Australia from 1949 to 1957.

Visit the SS Maunganui & TSS Cyrenia feature



Royal Rotterdam Lloyd & Flotta Lauro Lines

MS Willem Ruys ~ MS Achille Lauro

MS Willem Ruys seen with her first twelve months of operation

I trust that this fully updated MS Willem Ruys and Achille Lauro feature will delight those who may have sailed on this ship Regardless when you may have sailed on her, I am sure that there will be many happy memories that linger as you rediscover this magnificent classic Liner and Cruise Ship all over again as you explore the ships seven pages.

When she was the Willem Ruys she was a ship that was so beautifully designed and she was what many called “A ship of simple perfection,” and she was in many more ways than one! Her first Class two lever Lounge was stunning to say the least, and sadly that grandiose beauty was lost when she was modernised when she became the Achille Lauro.

First Class Lounge featured a luxurious cane furnishings and palm tree

Wintergarden that surrounded the lower level and a bar on the upper

You will discover Willem Ruys Photo and Brochure pages as well as Achille Lauro pages containing Brochures and Deck Plans.

The beautifully rebuilt MS Achille Lauro is seen at full speed at sea as she heads for Sydney Australia

I trust that you will enjoy the many photographs of her, especially her interiors, be it First Class or Tourist Class, for both had wonderful and beautifully appointed public venues and ample deck spaces as well as her cabins! For those who later sailed on the completely rebuilt Italian liner and cruise ship the MS Achille Lauro, you will also be delighted seeing her again, as she was certainly an amazingly stylish ultra modern liner as well as a delightful cruise ship, but sadly Achille Lauro was an unlucky ship, but you can read all about her many trials and tribulations, as well as her good days on her own three pages.

Enter the MS Willem Ruys - Achille Lauro page



Updated Feature

29 Page Sitmar Line / Cruises Feature


The delightful and popular old liner SS Castel Felice right through to their ultra modern cruise ships of the late 1980s

Sitmar Line, which in the 1980s was renamed Sitmar Cruises, but SITMAR was a company name, which was derived from the full company name; Societa Italiana Trasporti Marittimi, which is in English; Italian Maritime Transport Company. Sitmar was originally an Italian shipping line founded by Russian Mr. Alexandre Vlasov; however the company's headquarters were later transferred to Monaco. Mr. Vlasov originally operated cargo services, which commenced in 1937, but he gradually purchased laid up ships after the WW2 and rebuilt them into Passenger Liners and commenced passenger services from 1947 and continued until 1988, when the company was taken over by P&O/Princess Cruises.

SS Fairsky seen in Melbourne January 25, 1971

This amazing and extensive feature covers every single Passenger Liner and Cruise Ship including the only ever completed new build, the SS Fairsky, which later became the Pacific Sky in Australia, as well as those ships that were in building, but completed for Princess Cruises as well as a number that had already been designed by Sitmar and placed on order and were built by P&O/Princess. The latter three are currently sailing for P&O Cruises Australia, as the Pacific Pearl, Pacific Dawn and the Pacific Jewel! However, the smaller ships are certainly fascinating and were greatly loved, the SS Castel Felice, ex Kenya, the MS Fairsea, SS Fairsky seen below and the greatly loved TSS Fairstar, ex Oxfordshire (see Item 3). Not to forget the Fair Princess and the Dawn Princess, the two ex Cunarders, which were the two Sitmar Cruises American ship operating very successful luxury cruises when they were named the TSS Fairsea and the Fairwind, which was renamed; Sitmar Fairwind.

I am sure for the countless of thousand who have sailed on a Sitmar Liner to or from the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, or taken a cruise on one of their wonderful ships in their later days, and remember that the offshoot of Sitmar today is the Ultra Luxury all Inclusive, All Suite Silversea Cruises is still cruising the globe, but no longer with migrants, but in the top bracket! The Company also mans countless Cruise Companies and V-Ships is one of the largest and the most important ship management company in the cruise industry today and again, we all know what “V” stands for!

Enter the The Sitmar Site which will take you to all the early Sitmar Liners


OR Visit the Brand NEW Sitmar EXPERIENCE covering the MV Fairsea & Fairwind by Clicking the Image Below

These ships later became known as the Fair princess and Dawn Princess


I trust that the above new and updated features will be enjoyed as they will have many new and/or larger photographs, in addition I have added new details to existing features and stories where applicable!

Reuben Goossens.

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