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& Burns Philp – Minghua Cruises

MS Minghua


Stan Evens sails on Minghua

& Cabin Plan


MS Minghua anchored at the Isle of Pines, New Caledonia

Photo by & Stan Evans – Newcastle Australia


Please Note: Photographs on this page are by & Stan Evans, unless stated otherwise.

I hereby wish to thank good friend and long standing supporter of ssMaritime Mr. Stan Evans for his ongoing cooperation and providing his cruise review on the delightful MS Minghua as well as his excellent photographs for this feature. Stan has kindly assisted me with other ships, more recently the MS Kuala Lumpur, MV Oriental Queen, ex TSNV Kanimbla, MS Changsha and Taiyuan and other ships. It is quite obvious that he not only has a great love of classic liners, be they great liners, or those that are little known, he has sailed on many of them over the years and thus he is able to provide an insight into these delightful ships! Thank you Stan!

MS Minghua departs Sydney on yet another cruise

*Photographer unknown – Please see photo notes at bottom of page

Stan Evans writes about his cruises.

This photo shows Minghua’s unusual funnels and its markings


Departure was still exciting with streamers flying as the ship was ready to sail!

This was one of her very early cruises, note the pale green hull

“I was fortunate enough to undertake three cruises on the delightful Chinese cruise ship MS Minghua over a number of years. Two of these were rather short three day coastal cruises, which were a wonderful way to discover this amazing ship, which led me to book a longer 10 day Pacific cruise later, on which I booked a single cabin amidships on A Deck, directly below Promenade Deck.

Stan’s single cabin on A Deck

I recall that the cabin wall was soft as it was gently padded, which the room extremely quiet, unlike on many ships of those days. We used to joke that I was travelling in “padded cells” and many of my friends called me “the demented one.” It was all in good fun!

The ship had a lovely Chinese style Dinning Room that had typical ornate panelled ceiling as is seen in so many establishments and the room was so beautifully decorated! The food was mostly western, but on occasions there were also Chinese nights and the food was simply superb, especially the mandatory “Peking Duck” which was “heavens delight”!


Above and below: A view over the ships Swimming Pool and her aft decks



The entertainment on offer in the Main Lounge, which was located aft, was varied and excellent. The ship had a good variety of facilities, including an excellent swimming pool, ample deck spaces, be it for lazing in the sun or sport activities. In addition there was a gym, but as I recall, the sports instructor was one of the best I have met, he looked after us superbly and took great care of those who enjoyed the limbering up, be it in the gym or out on deck.



Above: Two views of Promenade Deck

Both the Chinese and Australian crew on board were simply wonderful, and they worked very hard to ensure that passengers were always happy, and I can honesty say, except for during the very early cruises, when there were some problems, passengers were delighted, and that is why she became so popular!

MS Minghua seen in port during the Pacific cruise

She was obviously a well built ship as she rode the swells very well, and none of our party was ever sea sick, in fact very few ever were! I certainly have very fond memories of this fine Chinese cruise ship and I, like so many others were shocked and disappointed when in February 1983 it was announced that our “Friendship” would be withdrawn, it was so sudden and almost without warning! But at least I have been able to cruise on her on the three occasions, and they will be cruise never to be forgotten!

Stan Evans – NewcastleAustralia.”

“It was sad to say goodbye to this delightful ship!”


MS Minghua - Deck Plan


Deck Plans: From the author’s private collection


But the memories of the Minghua will linger with so many who sailed on her

That delightful Asian cruise ship, we loved to call the … “Friendship”


It was a sad goodbye to MS Minghua on May 20, 1983 as she departed our shores forever!

Photo by & Jeff Eastwood


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