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Part Four

SS Rotterdam Brochures - Page One

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PLEASE NOTE: This Eight Page SS Rotterdam V Feature has been completely updated as well had five brand new pages added. However, I wish to announce that this feature is in reality a new work is also my very last ever work that I will do for ssmaritime or for any other of my sites. I have done so for reasons that may be well known to many of my regular readers. Therefore, I have now fully retired and will sit back and I am joyful with what I have achieved and I trust that you will enjoy reading the well over 620 classic liners, and other ships that are online! Thank you for your wonderful support I has been greatly appreciated!

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Page Four features two remarkable brochures both were released in 1959. However, please note that all brochure images on this page are owned and copyrighted © Reuben Goossens - 2014, and they must not be copied for any purpose whatsoever, be it for personal reasons or to be placed online, etc, unless written permission has been sought!

The Brochures:

The First Brochure is an advance production whilst the Rotterdam that was still being completed by her builders and it has six pages with artist impressions of what the superb lounges, bars, restaurants, two pools, the Lido Deck and several cabins would look like! This brochure was released in April 1959 thus five months before she departed on her maiden voyage!

I obtained this superb pre completion edition from what is the best maritime memorabilia source that I know, being, for I have been dealing with Nautiques for many years and managed to locate countless rare items many that are featured online! But best still, these have been made available at amazingly inexpensive prices! Therefore, if you are looking for that something special why not visit or email Mr. Don Leavitt direct at;

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The Second Brochure featured, I obtained in December 1960 when I was working with the GSA of the Royal Dutch Mails in Wellington New Zealand and they also looked after Holland America Line, thus I have had this amazing full colour photographic production in my possession for close to fifty-five years, almost as long as I have been in the Passenger Shipping Industry considering I commenced in May that year! I am surprised it is still in such a reasonable condition, although Photoshop has done some improvements!

1 … Pre Release Brochure – April 1959


The original envelope: The brochure was posted in this envelope to their VIP Passengers and Agent’s in April/May 1959


Front cover: It has a harbour view at the top and then a portside view of the SS Rotterdam


Page 1: This page has a description of the ship as well as the designers white on blue drawing of a bow view of the ship



Page 2: This page shows the famed double level Ritz Carlton as well as a lounge window view


Page 3: Here we see one of the two almost identical Grandiose Dining Rooms


Page 4: This page features the delightful Ocean Bar that offers a great view!


Page 5: This page is all about Rotterdam’s accommodations, be it the deluxe suites or regular cabins


Page 6:  Covers the leisure areas, such as the indoor swimming pool, the massive aft Lido Deck and the outdoor pool


Back Page: has an ocean view with a very small stern image of the Rotterdam sailing away




2 … First Comprehensive Photographic Brochure - 1960

This excellent brochure was the first full colour photographic brochure produced by Holland America Line and it contains 14 exciting pages filled with photographs of the ships superb public venues, accommodations, dining, sport and leisure facilities!

The Front Cover featuring the “Grande Dame” herself!


Page 1: This page has a few of the ships specifications as well as a photograph of Commodore of the HAL fleet,

Commodore Coenraad Bouman who is seen on the ships Bridge


Page 2: Featuring several scenes of the grand Main Lounge


Page 3: on this page we only see the delightful Ocean Bar, a room with a splendid view!


Page 4: One of two spectacular golden Dining Rooms is featured here


Page 5: This page shows that the Dining Room had annexes used for festive meals and functions


Page 6: Here we see the Card Room and the beautifully timbered and colourful Smoking Room


Page 7: The excellent and beautifully appointed 601 seat Cinema


Page 8: The delightful Sun Room on Sun Deck, however there is also the famed Sky Room directly above on Bridge Deck!


Page 9: On this page we see the famed Café de la Paix and the elegant Ambassador Room


Page 10: Far aft is the most beautiful Lounge on SS Rotterdam the multi-level Ritz Carlton Lounge


Page 11: This is the Suite and Cabin page



Pages 12 & 13: These pages cover the various leisure and sports activities on the Rotterdam!



Page 14: The last page is what a genuine Ocean Voyage is all about, relaxing on a great Liner!


 This is an unused Tourist Class baggage label obtained from and American past passenger from 1961


This is the cover of a threefold brochure of the SS Rotterdam released in 1962


The SS Rotterdam seen at Cape Town South Africa during a cruise in 1970

Photograph by & © Lt. Emershan Booysens (UK)



SS Rotterdam INDEX:

Part One:             Construction & her Maiden Voyage Sep 3, 1959.

Part Two:            Her Grey Hull days - Sep 1959 to 1971.

Part Three:          Her HAL days & Premier Cruises days - 1972 to 2000.

Part Four:            Brochure - Page One - This Page.

Part Five:            Brochure - Page Two.

Part Six:              Deck Plans, 1959 First & Tourist & a later One Class Cruise Plan.

Part Seven:         SS Rotterdam 1959 Specifications & Engine Room photos by Klaas Krijnen.

Part Eight:           Saving the Rotterdam 1995/97 - 2009.



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