Sitmar Cruises Final Cruise Brochure relaced in March 1988 for the 1989 season

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Introduction to the 1989 Brochure:

For me this special Sitmar Cruises brochure is a very sad one for it never came to fruition, as it was released in March 1988 for cruises in 1989. However, on July 14, 1988 that all of Sitmar Cruises was obtained by P&O and therefore all ships, including the Australian TSS Fairstar, TSS Fairsea, TSS Sitmar Fairwind, TSS Fairsky and ship already launched and in fit-out stage, the MV Sitmar FairMajesty was taken over by P&O and all, except the Fairstar were transferred to their sister company Princess Cruises and renamed. The Fairstar was transferred to P&O in Australia and she continued under her original name cruising from Sydney. The Fairsea was renamed the Fair Princess and the Sitmar Fairwind the Dawn Princess, Fairsky became the Sky Princess, whist the Sitmar Fair Majesty was completed in 1989 as the Star Princess and she was officially named by Audrey Hepburn.

To date I have only scanned the front and back covers, and the pages covering the page revealing the new Sitmar FairMajesty, which was due to be completed in 1989, and some of the photographs from this edition. However, I am delighted to say that I did do a scan of the only published Deck Plan of the Sitmar FairMajesty that was ever released and it is below the images. The two plans of the ship are quite large; however, if you wish to see even larger versions, just click on the plans and a much larger one will open up in a new window. When it opens, it may well reduce in size, but just click on the new image and it will expand to it full size!

In due course, should time permit I hope to add some further images from this 101 page brochure, but due to age and health problems, this was all I able to manage at this time. I am sure that for all those genuine ship lovers and those who recall those wondrous days of Sitmar Line and the quality of Sitmar Cruises, you will enjoy viewing this. Enjoy!

Reuben Goossens.

Here we see the front (left) and back page (right) of the final brochure ever released by Sitmar Cruises in Monaco


He we see pages 6 and 7 named “The Ships” but of course it highlights the new Sitmar FairMajesty


TSS Fairsky is the newest ship in the Sitmar fleet and was built in 1984 she is seen at anchor in Charlotte Amalie, in St-Thomas


A wonderful view of the TSS Fairsea during one of her many 14 or 16 day Panama Canal cruises


However, on the West Coast, Mexico cruises were extremely popular and here again we see a romantic view of the

Fairsea at sunset offshore at Puerto Vallarta’s Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral revealing the quiet dignity of Spanish architecture


Although this photo is not in the brochure, I added to be able to add the Sitmar Fairwind to this page

She is seen here berthed at Port Everglades ready for another Caribbean cruise


MV Sitmar FairMajesty Official Deck Plan:

If you wish to view a larger plan, just click on the Plan below!


If you wish to view a larger plan, just click on the Plan below!


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