Swedish American Lime MS Kungsholm IV - 1966

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Swedish-American Line

--Svenska-Amerika Linjen--

MS Kungsholm IV

The Swedish-American Line 1966 -1975 & & Flagship Cruises 1975-1978

Later the: MV Sea Princess 1978-1995, MS Victoria 1995-2002

MV Mona Lisa 2002-2007, MV Oceanic II 2007-2008, MV Mona Lisa 2008–2010

Hotel Veronica Oman 2010-2013 / Sold to ship breakers late October 2015


MS Kungsholm seen cruising


Page One

MS Kungsholm Advance 1965

 Promotional Brochure


There is no doubt that the Swedish American Line had been building ships for a long time and this was their fourth Kungsholm, thus she had to be spectacular! And there was no doubt that this ship was without a doubt a maritime piece of art, both externally with her long elegant sleek lines and her amazing bow! Then there were those two beautifully styled yellow funnels and the perfectly slanted tall radar mast and aft main mast! What was tragic that this magnificently designed ship sailed looking beautiful for just twelve years, for she was finally sold to P&O/Princess Cruises who completely rebuilt her and upon completion she was almost unrecognisable! But you can find her complete history on Page Two, which will cover her story from birth in 1966 to her concluding days in 2015, when she was finally sold to the ship breakers having last operated as a floating Hotel in Oman.

This page features a very rare and a special MS Kungsholm brochure that was released in July 1965, three months after she was launched, but well before she was completed and she did not depart on her maiden voyage until April 22, 1966. Thus the brochure is made up of 15 pages, plus the front and back covers as well as a fitted folded large two-sided Deck Plan of the ship. The pages are filled with some wonderful artwork of the public venues, exterior facilities as well as the accommodations and these were executed by the designer Sven E. Roberg and artist Gerd Miller of Seroca Reklam AB (Agency), Sweden.

Swedish American Line

Before I commence with the advance brochure, let me reply to the question I have been so often ask, what does the three-crown logo mean on the funnel? SAL offer the following explanation: “Ships of the White Viking Fleet carry three golden crowns on their funnels. They are symbols of excellence in Service, Comfort and Gracious Living!”

Please Note: Due to the shading on the various pages of the brochure, scanning did not allow very clear print, thus I have added the copy from all the pages where it is difficult to read below the image of each page.

Reuben Goossens.

Advance Promotional Brochure 1965:

Front cover

Copy bottom left: Under Swedish registry with traditional Swedish seamanship and seaworthiness.

Inside front cover - Page One


Page Two

Copy Page Two: The new KUNGSHOLM is far more than just a ship. This magnificent vessel envelops you in a world of luxurious comfort from your very first moment on board, invites you to experience and enjoy a new achievement in gracious living at sea. The attractive Main Lounge and other public rooms, and most important your spacious, richly furnished stateroom will prove to you that here you do indeed meet a lovely bit of Sweden. The new KUNGSHOLM will carry you smoothly across the Atlantic or bring you to distant, fascinating lands om her many cruises to come. You’ll find rest and relaxation when you travel on this graceful Viking Queen of the Seven Seas.

Page Three

Copy top right: The Main Lounge has been beautifully designed for discerning travellers. Here you will sit back in the soft light and allow your mind to rest as the miles slip by. The golden ceiling, the gold fabrics, the whole air of this splendid salon will prove to you again and again that the new KUNGSHOLM is a ship reflecting Sweden’s proud tradition of hospitality. Tea time, after dinner coffee, gay, unforgettable hours of evening dances, parties and top talent shows will always make you glad that you travelled the Swedish Line way.

Copy bottom left: Whether you love to dance or not - the dark blue carpeting, the varying shades of gold and light beige will please your eyes as you rest in any of the comfortable chairs. The design is Swedish modern, the atmosphere is international!

Page Four

Copy bottom left: THE NEW KUNGSHOLM - Sweden’s Enchanting Addition to the World of Luxurious Ocean Travel …

Copy bottom right: A brisk walk on the spacious Promenade Deck in the bracing sea air will whet your appetite. For fun and activity there’s the air-conditioned sports room, the deck games, the outdoor swimming pool.

Page Five

Copy Page Five: Today is as good a time as any for a visit to the pool area on the Promenade Deck. After a refreshing swim, a light snack and a cool drink with pleasant companions you may feel inclined to rest and relax in the sun. Stairs lead directly to the Sun Deck Solarium.

Page Six

Copy top right: Sea vistas blend with soft decorative colours and offer a warm and genuinely inviting atmosphere. This charming lounge will frequently be used for buffet luncheons, along with the Veranda on either side. Here passengers may while away spend many happy hours with newly acquired friends.

Copy above right: The new KUNGSHOLM, largest passenger ship in Scandinavia, is an enchanting addition to the world of luxurious ocean travel. Designed by expert Swedish American Line architects to offer the utmost in gracious living, the latest type of stabilizers, that assure smoother sailing, will further make your days on board more enjoyable and carefree.


Pages above & below: Pages Seven and Eight - The Dining Room

Copy is located below Page Eight


Copy Page Seven: Great traditions of Continental cuisine are faithfully observed by Swedish American Line chefs. The Chief Steward of the new KUNGSHOLM will make it a point to cater to everybody’s taste. The dining room is furnished in Swedish modern, the wall to wall carpeting dark blue, and the chairs are light blue.

Copy Page Eight: Ancient and modern meet in a most harmonious way in the dining room of the new KUNGSHOLM. Rare antique East India china objects of art are on display in four vitrines placed in the center of the room. Wall decorations include drawings of Swedish warships from days of long ago. Your meals are attentively served your wines are suggested by members of a staff whose only aim is to please. Tables seat eight, six or four for those who love company – two for only you and the partner of your choice.

The center fold – Pages Ten and Eleven

Copy top left: The new KUNGSHOLM, largest passenger in Scandinavia, is an enchanting addition to the world of luxurious ocean travel. Designed by expert Swedish American Line architects to offer the utmost in gracious living. The latest type of stabilizers, that assure smoother sailing, will further make your days on board more memorable and carefree.

Page Twelve

Copy Page Twelve: Prominent decorators, artists and designers of many countries have made the new KUNGSHOLM a modern museum of the fine arts. With infinite skill and many light touches they have created public rooms and staterooms that give you the pleasant feeling of being at home from the very first moment you come on board. Here is one room for example where the large enamel decoration catches your eye from the very first moment and you find yourself amidst soothing surroundings made for conversation.

Page Thirteen

Copy Page Thirteen: The auditorium is an attractive room where you’ll enjoy movies, travel forums and lectures. It is furnished with comfortable Swedish-madechairs upholstered in burnt orange. Here passengers may also attend informal bridge and language classes.

Page Fourteen

Copy top left: One of the distinctive features of the new KUNGSHOLM is the sitting room area included in the great majority of cabins. By drawing the curtain at the foot of the beds, it is possible to form a separate sitting room or convenient dressing room area.

Another popular feature: most adjacent rooms on board can be converted into connecting rooms if desired. Doorways on the main corridor lead to cabin foyers, each of which has doorways to two cabins. When connection room cabin arrangement is desired, the outher door becomes the entrance to both cabins.

Copy next to room symbols: 1. The wide beds are over six feet long. A deep American Beautyrest Mattress lulls you to a restful sleep. 2. The Combined chest of drawers and dressing table offers much light and space. 3. Automatic lighting in the wardrobes aids uou in making use of their ample, wide space. 4. Room service, lighting, music and a phone are at your fingertips on this bedside switch panel. 5. Sliding glass panels give the concealed portholes the appearance of windows.

Page Fifteen

Thankfully the copy is readable on the Single Cabin - Page fifteen! 

Page Sixteen

Copy top of page: A sandy beach, sunny tropical waters of varing depths and colourful coral formations: that is the illusion created for the indoor swimming pool. Do go for a swim in the mildly heated salt water or rest and watch others demonstrate their skill. Moments later you may meet in the sauna bath or relax in the massage room. Then off to the gymnasium to build up new vigor for after diner dancing!

Copy bottom of page: The tan and white shades of the ceramic wall tiles, the sand color of the vast tile floor, the deep blue of the water - poolside dreams in rattan chairs carry you to faraway shores.

Page Seventeen

Copy Page Seventeen: At the end of your voyage the time has come for you to part from friends and new acquaintances, and from the officers and staff of the new KUNGSHOLM we hope that you will return soon for another lovely journey in true Swedish American Line de luxe comfort. You will want to I the romantic air that only a great ship can furnish, breathe once more the magic ocean breezes.

The new KUNGSHOLM has pampered you from the moment you sailed. Now, at journey’s end, you feel that you have come to love this bit of Sweden, this wide world of luxurious travel. Give yourself the promise then to sail with us again.

Back Cover




MS Kungsholm one of the most sleek, graceful and glamorous ships to be built in the mid 1960’s!


Deck Plans from the Brochure:

Located between pages fourteen and fifteen of the brochure is a long folded double-sided Deck Plan of the just launched MS Kungsholm. Below I have placed a slightly smaller sized version of the plan, however if you click on each the two deck plans a new page will open with a large image and one the large plan has opened, it will reduce in size, but just click on it once and it will return to its full size!

Click the plan above to open the larger version


Click the plan above to open the larger version


A superb design – the MS Kungsholm seen in Auckland New Zealand in 1967

The photograph was kindly provided by Jack Bishop however, I do not have the name of the photographer!

*If this is your image, please see the photo notes at the bottom of page


Soon the new and fully updated Page Two will be completed, covering the ships complete history from her construction, her maiden voyage, her tragic rebuilding by P&O/Princess when they removed her forward, be it the dummy funnel and added a newly shaped taller funnel aft and made a one sleek and elegant looking ship look hideous! To her various guises and her eventual role as a floating hotel in the Middle East and her sale to the breakers in October 2015!

MS Kungsholm IV INDEX:


Page One         Kungsholm Advance 1965 Promotional Brochure


Page Two          History - MS Kungsholm from 1966 to 1975 with SAL.

.                          And 1975 to 1978 with Flagship Cruises.


Page Three       Sea Princess, Victoria, Mona Lisa, Oceanic II,

.                          & Hotel Veronica. Sold in 2015 to breakers in Alang.


Page Four         MV Mona Lisa Photo Album & Deck Plan.


“Blue Water Liners sailing to the distant shores.
I watched them come, I watched them go and I watched them die.”



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