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N.Y.K. Lines

MV Hikawa Maru 

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--Family Schlesinger arrives in Seattle escaping from the Nazis --


 Postcard of the Hikawa Muru

Author’s private collection

It has been well recorded that the Hikawa Maru and other N.Y.K. passenger ships were heavily involved in assisting German and other European Jewish refugees escape from Nazi Germany and thus the Holocaust. There were those who escaped via Japan and sailed to the United States as is recorded in a book entitled; “Refugee and Survivor, Rescue Attempts during the Holocaust.”

The author is most grateful to Rebecca Roush of Seattle WA for sending this item in relation to her family who came to the USA on the Hikawa Maru in the most of auspicious circumstances.

My cousin Ernst (Ernie) and his parents the Schlesinger family escaped Nazi Germany and sailed on the Hikawa Maru from Japan to Seattle. Below is a copy of “The Seattle Sunday Times” article regarding their arrival, dated August 4, 1940.

Sadly Ernie passed away a few years ago, but he did come to Seattle for the 50th anniversary of their arrival in 1990 to remember and celebrate with some of the other passengers who were on this memorable voyage and were still alive at that time.

The Seattle Times article shown above was kindly sent by Rebecca Roush and we are most grateful to her, for now we can all share in this story of her family and the ship’s and N.Y.K’s wonderful work done rescuing Jews from the impending doom that awaited so many, as it did my family in the Netherlands at that time!

This fine ship is seen her towards the end of her sailing days

Author’s private collection


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