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RMS Windsor Castle

Later: SS Margarita L / Rita


Page Four


Margarita L / Rita laid up at Eleusis Bay Greece


Margarita seen laid up at Eleusis near Piraeus




During a Storm on February 12, 2004, Margarita L broke her moorings and drifted close to the shore. she could have ended up on nearby rocks. She was towed back to her lay up position.

Photographs of the ship close to shore were taken by the late Captain Yiorgos (George) Graikos. SS Rita seen on April 14, 2005 was taken by Nikos Salamouris.






A Close call




SS Rita - 2005


The once great liner is seen here renamed Rita by the breaker Kumar Steel of Alang


Margarita L, ex RMS Windsor Castle, was sold to Kumar Steel who would break her up and they renamed her simply Rita. She departed Greece for Alang India under her own steam. She has now been broken up.


Renamed Rita, is seen below just prior to her departure for India


 SS Rita about to set sail for India

We thank Nikos Salamouris for this photograph






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Page Four Margarita L / Rita at Eleusis Bay Greece

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