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R.M.S. Queen Mary

A Tribute to the Grandest Queen of all!


Page Two


Photo Album - The Trans Atlantic Liner


 Painting © by Chris Butler



Above & below: Queen Mary seen under construction

Author’s private collection



The Launch Day 


Seen here at the launching of RMS Queen Mary is HRH King George V, Queen Mary who does the honours & HRH The Prince of Wales, who is there in the guise of Master of the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets.

Hull 534 now the RMS Queen Mary slips slowly out into the water

Author’s private collection


 Her days of grandeur at sea will soon begin

Author’s private collection


A rare photograph of her maiden departure from Southampton – 4.30pm - May 27, 1936

Author’s private collection


 The Grand Dame steams down New York Harbour in her latter years

Author’s private collection



The Observation Lounge

Author’s private collection


Long Gallery

Author’s private collection


All lounges were the sublime in elegance!

Author’s private collection



Above & Below: The Main Lounge – Looking forward and aft

Author’s private collection




Ball Room

 Author’s private collection


The Drawing Room

Author’s private collection


The Lobby

 Author’s private collection


VIP Passengers, the Duke & Duchess of Windsor onboard Queen Mary


The Duke of Windsor and his Duchess, the former Wallis Simpson, often travelled aboard the Queen Mary. The couple's favourite stateroom has been renamed the Windsor Suite (see below) and pay homage to this royal couple. 


Windsor Suite

 Author’s private collection


Piccadilly Shopping Center

 Author’s private collection


Indoor Swimming Pool

 Author’s private collection


Cabin Class Main Lounge

Author’s private collection


Second Class Lounge

Author’s private collection


The Dinning Rooms



First Class Dinning Room

 Author’s private collection


Cabin Class Dinning Room

Author’s private collection


Second/Tourist Class Dinning Room

Author’s private collection


Second class outside two bedded cabin

Author’s private collection


Third class outside two berth cabin

 Author’s private collection


August 1939 – RMS Queen Mary is about to be mothballed and made ready for war

Author’s private collection


Docked for maintenance

Author’s private collection


 Engine room

Photographer unknown – *See photo notes at bottom of page


Engine room control room

Photographer unknown – *See photo notes at bottom of page


An impressive painting of the Queen arriving in Southampton

I am uncertain of the artist


Memorabilia & Other Special Items



Above & Below: A Kosker bowl from the RMS Queen Mary

From the Author’s private collection






 Souvenir RMS Queen Mary Sailor doll by Norah Wellings

From the author’s private collection


Decor Photographic Detail


The following series of photographs of décor close-ups is simply magnificent and I am sure will be enjoyed by all. It just proves the magnificence of the workmanship of this once great liner! Thankfully today we can visit her at Long Beach USA where she has been so faithfully been restored to her original glory and you can stay at the “Hotel Queen Mary.” For details visit Page Four and Five!



These fine images were provided by Jonathon Thurston of the UK

However the photographer is unknown







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Page Five                     Hotel Queen Mary - Long Beach Page Two – View New Film

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