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SS Oriana

Page Seven


Oriana in Dalian China


SS Oriana seen in her good old days with her original buff & white livery in Sydney 

The Storm

On June 16, 2004, SS oriana was struck by a vicious storm in which she was badly damaged. She took on a great deal of water due to her being holed at bow that saw her lower decks flooded, and soon she listed to port.

Seen on the 17th of July 2004, the day after the storm

Attempts were made to right the badly listing Oriana and the owners even considered restoring her however, the cost proved to simply be far to great. Having the holes in her bow patched up for her sad voyage to come, SS Oriana departed Dalian on May 13, 2005 and she was towed to the Wayou scrap yard in Zhangiagang China where she was duly broken up.

13 May 2005 - SS Oriana departs Dalian under tow

Photograph by Xinhua Daily

The Dalian Tourist Authority had described the Oriana in the past as follows: “The world’s only deluxe Liner-Theme Park and a Splendid Emperor’s Palace on the sea and a floating convivial resort.”

Photographs of Oriana at Dalian were taken by Mr. Shane Spencer, who is from Milton Keynes who has spent 2½ years in China teaching English. We thank Neil (Bob) Whitmore Oriana’s ex Maitre d'Hotel from 1976 to 86, who supplied these Photographs to us with Shane Spencer’s kind permission.

Oriana retains her classic exterior, but, I wish they had left the lifeboats white! 

Looking Back at “Oriana the Emperor’s Palace”:

The owners renovated Oriana July 2002, spending a fortune in transforming the interior of the Oriana into a deluxe “Emperor’s Palace.” She took the pride of place in the resort city of Dalian China.

Huang Ying of the Peoples Daily reported on the official, opening. The Oriana, touted as one of the four most famous luxury cruises of the contemporary world, was unveiled Thursday in the Chinese port of Dalian. With a total investment of RMB 300mn Yuan, the cruise liner is refitted to become a floating theme park, which includes a maritime museum and a 800 seat Banquet Hall & Showroom. Visitors enjoy performances from a variety of cultures.

Entry costs were until recently: US$ 11.50 daytime & US$ 5.80 in the evening. However, recently, admission fees have been dropped, allowing locals to board Oriana and enjoy visiting the ships, which was out of reach for many. Whilst onboard they have many options, eating at one of the snack bars and restaurants, enjoy a drink in a bar or head for the ever-popular pastime, Karaoke, located in the original Tourist Class Stern Gallery. There are various tours of the ship, including a tour of the engine room. However, it is the popular Dinner Show in the 800 seat Banquet Hall, which is Oriana’s main revenue earner.

Oriana the Museum

 A special wharf and plaza has been created to house ss Oriana


 Oriana’s Funnel continued to stand tall!

Note the red lettering (originally it was black)


 The view aft from the fo’c’sle towards the Bridge was thankfully unchanged


 The bridge remained as was


The helm that served Oriana so well


The Bridge and its equipment had been left untouched!


The Control Panel located aft on Bridge

which monitored the ships fire systems and water tight doors


The P&O maritime museum featured a variety of models, including Oriana

as well as other P&O & Princess Ships


A poor mock up of a First Class cabin

Oriana the Emperors Palace

A colourful Oriana by night


The Entrance Foyer looks more like a palace than the Oriana

The circular glass floor on the right looks down into the engine room

On the upper level of the atrium (above) is the maritime museum


A palatial corner of a lounge


 This sculpture was presented by the City of Dalian to honour ss Oriana


 A model of Oriana on the table in a Private Function Venue

Oriana the Theme Park

Oriana offers many activities both by day and at night. On offer are elaborate restaurants as well as alfresco dinning venues and bars located throughout the ship. In addition, cultural shows from around the world are presented in the showroom and out on the aft deck during the day.

The photographs below show the wonderful Promenade deck with Bar, and other exteriors of Oriana the Theme Park



Promenade Deck features a multitude of P&O photographs and posters,

as well as photographs of the British Royal Family


This was the Tourist Class (Poop) Sports Deck, which was popular with sun worshippers
Note the original Deck Quoits Pitches


Queens Bar and Terrace located where the tourist class swimming pool used to be

The pool seen on the right has been partially closed in


 A Flamenco dance show, part of the International entertainment


Oriana’s famed ex Tourist Class Stern Gallery, which now also contains a Karaoke bar


During the summer Dalian is a popular resort city and thousands come to see the ship


All photographs of Oriana at Dalian were provided to ssMaritime by Neil (Bob) Whitmore ex Oriana’s Maitre d’Hotel from 1976 to 86. If you wish to contact him, Neil’s e-mail address is -


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