Orient Steam Navigation Company - RMS/SS Orion - 1935 to 1963

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Orient Line

RMS Orion

William Rishton’s voyage to Australia in 1956

I wish to thank Mr. William Rishton for all the images on this page, as well as a few of his recollections of his time onboard. In 1956 William and his mother, boarded RMS Orion and set sail for Australia. At that time Orion was still a two-class liner and the Rishton's travelled in Tourist Class. Upon reaching Australia they lived in Queensland in a small township named Dinmore located just outside of Ipswich near Brisbane. However, in 1959, his mother decided to return to England and she booked her voyage on Orion once again. I am sure that all who have come to know, even have come love this fine old girl, will enjoy the content of this page, may it bring back some good old memories! Photographs and other interesting items shown on this page are from the 1956 voyage UK to Australia.

 Mrs. Rishton relaxing on the tourist Class Promenade

William has fond memories of this fine old girl, even though she had many short comings, especially if you consider later Orient Line / P&O ships. William describes his voyage as follows … “Memories of my voyage on the Orion” … “we were berthed on H Deck (known by many of us as hell deck) the washing and toilet facilities were at the end of the passage, consisting of approx eight washbasins in a row and approx four toilets. If you wanted a shower, they were on a deck above and there was always a queue” … “I remember that our steward was named Tony Dimeo, he was a Londoner. The only passenger names I can remember is Billy Milligan, a Scot, who married an Australian lady and was emigrating to Brisbane to settle there, by the way he was a brilliant magician, another name that I can remember was John Trace who settled in Adelaide, apart from that, my memory is fast disappearing just like the ocean liners of yesteryear. To end on a happy note, I wish that I could do it all again and I would not change a thing. They say that memories last longer than dreams, and in my case they certainly do.”


Orion is seen on the right berthed in Naples


The bow


Relaxing and playing Deck Quoits on Sun Deck 


Aft on Sun Deck


 Table Tennis and Games Room


Race Meeting Thursday November 8, 1956


 Race card


Race rules 


 Sunday 11 November, 1956


 Second Race Meeting Friday November 23


 Showtime - Note the name of Bill Milligan, he became a well know magician

in Australia, but performed under a stage name


Again thank you William Rishton for providing your memories with us!


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